A Breakthrough in Alps Ore Research in Germany

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A Breakthrough in Alps Ore Research in Germany

August 06
14:28 2019

Recently, German scientists have announced a new good news to the outside world, an ancient ore from the Bavarian Alps has been certified to be conducive to regulating the metabolic cycle of the human body after eight years of research. As soon as this scientific achievement appeared, it caused quite a sensation in Germany.

It is reported that the Alpine ancient ore is a natural silicate mineral dating back 65 million years. It is brown and yellow columnar crystal state with strong activity. In addition, it is a rare ore that can react instantaneously with water. In late 2010, it was first discovered by German geologists at the foot of the Alps and the related studies have been carried out for eight years. Previous scientific studies have shown that Alps ore is rich in more than ten trace elements, such as aluminum, iron, magnesium, sodium, lithium, potassium and so on, which are beneficial to human health. Among them, Mg content is particularly abundant. Therefore, scientists take a wild guess that it could be a source of minerals used by the human body.

More surprisingly, there is the extraordinary connection between water and Alps ore. Scientists have announced to the world that they have found that water can be anionized instantaneously when it encounters Alps ore, forming H + and OH. Because the electrolytic OH – energy can bind with H2O to form negative ions that have been very strong reduction. If the peroxide (free radicals) in the body is reduced to non-toxic water and discharged from the body, the free radicals can be effectively reduced and the body fluids also shows weak alkalinity (PH=7.36-7.44). Therefore, it can adjust the internal environment of body to the best state, inhibit the oxidation of body, and enhance cell activation. As a result, scientists infer that Alps ore has excellent antioxidant and anti-aging effects, and it is a totale ore that makes skin young, white, delicate and smooth.

Secondly, the Alps ore acts on the water with higher water molecular groups and can turn them into 5-6 ideal small molecular groups. Professor Peter Agre, Nobel Laureate in 2003, has confirmed that water molecules (H2O) do not exist alone, and molecules will bond to each other form molecular groups. Among them, large water groups consisting of more than 10 water molecules can not directly enter cells to exert biological activity, and only small water groups (below 6 rings) can enter the cell through aquaporin. This small molecule group is a good carrier of nutrients with strong penetration, which can enter human body quickly. More importantly, its solubility is more than 30% higher than that of ordinary water. The water under the action of Alps ore is molecular groups with 5-6 molecules, can instantly make water small molecule, which can make water small in a short time and dissolve the residues and toxic and harmful substances that remain in cells for a long time, emulsify the excess cholesterol and triglycerides in blood, and expel them out of the body through metabolism. For the stubborn constipation stored in the intestine, it can speed up clearance. In addition, after drinking water with small molecular groups, it can help digestion, accelerate food decomposition and better absorption. At the same time, because of the high activity of water with small molecular groups, the stickiness between the absorbed residues is poor, and it will be more “loose” when it enters the large intestine. Although the discharged stool take shape, it is also “loose” and can get rid of constipation. Therefore, the water with small molecular groups under the action of Alps ore has a powerful effect on human body, such as running intestines and defecating, detoxifying and oiling as well as maintaining beauty and keeping young.

Scientists have found that Alps ore also contains a large amount of magnesium ions. It is important to know that magnesium ions perform many physiological functions in living organisms. The article “Nature Subjournal: Important Mechanisms of Dynamic Balance of Magnesium Ions in Cells” once stated that it is a necessary cofactor for hundreds of enzymes, including ribosomes, DNA and RNA polymerases, which are vital to physiological processes. It can be widely involved in body activities, such as digestion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, so as to provide adequate metabolic power for the human body. Moreover, it is very easy to form fatty acid magnesium salts with fatty acids, which are eventually excreted through feces.

As a result, the achievements of these studies are even more valuable to scientists. In the case that more than 75% of the body is water, Alps ore can produce weak basicity, negative potential, small molecular groups, active water containing large amounts of Mg2+ and trace elements in just a few minutes, which is undoubtedly a great good news to human beings towards a thinner, more beautiful and healthier future. 

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