Quality Discount Roofing Explain The 4 Home Improvement Headaches Homeowners Will Want to Avoid

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Quality Discount Roofing Explain The 4 Home Improvement Headaches Homeowners Will Want to Avoid

August 08
17:54 2019

When you think about renovations, you probably think of parts of your home getting a makeover and looking more attractive.  But when there’s a renovation, there’s often a lot of mess, and if you’re not careful, there might even be damage to areas of your property that you didn’t think would be affected. While there are many projects that you might want to do, you should take the time to research all of the potential headaches so that you can work with your contractors to avoid them and save yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars in clean-up work. Here are a few types of damage that you could encounter during common home improvement projects.

Flooring Damage

When you invite your in-laws over, you obviously don’t want your floors to look like junk. You don’t want anyone judging you for your apparent lack of care when it comes to your house, right? Home renovations are supposed to make a home look better, not worse!

When you have multiple people inside of your home working on your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or another high-traffic area, it’s easy for people to damage your floors with muddy boots scuffling along the floor or by dropping tools or pieces of material. Try to minimize the number of rooms that workers need to go through to get into the room that they need to work on. You can also lay down a path made of wood chips to minimize the amount of mud that people drag into your house. Protect your wood floors by laying down paper and cardboard. That way, even your mother-in-law will have nothing to complain about when she sees your floors. 

Lawn Damage

A lawn is often the most prized part of a home’s landscape, but home renovations can mess this up very quickly. If you’re going to have heavy construction equipment on your lawn for a large project, the wheels and weight of the equipment could tear up your yard. You don’t want the Joneses making fun of your yard just because a few construction machines driving on it made it look like crap compared to theirs. Besides, grading and sodding your yard can cost thousands of dollars. You can minimize the damage by ensuring that the people who are doing the renovating follow a few precautions. Heavy equipment should be parked on industrial mats rather than directly on the grass.

Scuffed Walls

If you have a lot of people moving large pieces of materials and furniture in and out of several rooms of the house, it’s easy for someone to kick a wall or banister. If you want to keep your wooden banisters in pristine condition, tape pieces of felt, bubble wrap or another soft wrapping onto them to ensure that they don’t get scraped. If you don’t want to spend any money on protective material, there are also plenty of places to get cardboard for free. Also, if you know what materials are coming on a certain day, think through which route will be most efficient and require workers to go through the least amount of indoor space.

Roofing Leaks

No one wants water dripping on their heads while they’re relaxing and watching TV in their living room. If you need to do work on your fireplace chimney, make sure that the contractor knows how to ensure that your roof around the chimney is sealed. Otherwise, contact a professional roofing company to check your roof. A leaking roof can result in thousands of dollars of more work inside the house when you have to repair the ceiling and walls, too.

There are many projects that can make your house look inviting, but you can find yourself in a mess if you or the contractors don’t take precautions. Hiring the right professionals for a job and taking a few extra minutes can save you a lot of money.

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