BitTok plays the role of global digital asset guardians with the support of technology.

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BitTok plays the role of global digital asset guardians with the support of technology.

August 08
20:00 2019

In recent years, cash transactions have gradually faded out from people’s lives and replaced by more widely used online payments. Digital assets appear as a new type of asset currency in people’s lives. Most users store their digital assets on exchange so that the transactions and trading will be better served. However, as the number of digital currency applications increases, so does users’ demand. On top of that, more people do not need to trade digital currencies frequently. They want to hold these digital assets for a long time, similar to the concept of saving money in the bank. This requires a safe and professional platform for the appreciation and management of digital assets. Here, Bittok is a platform dedicated to providing a secure and professional digital asset management for users.


Bittok is a new type of global intelligent digital assets management platform. Its core functions are storage, transaction and appreciation. It is a “smart housekeeper” of digital asset for individuals and institutional investors. BitTok has the world’s most advanced cold wallet technology to protect users’ digital asset and avoid the loss of user assets caused by exchange security vulnerabilities. BitTok also provides value-added services, digital asset management and information services related to blockchain assets. In BitTok’s global strategic plan, the Asia-Pacific region is the primary strategic goal. After meeting the demands of users in the Asia-Pacific region, it will gradually provide services to European and American users as well as users in other areas. In the entire ecology of BitTok, every participant is a very important node. While building the basic services, BitTok is also striving to build a project audit committee and user community that originated from users. In the future, more high-quality projects will be recommended by the community where the project committee will conduct re-evaluation and have the right of making final decision.

In the future, BitTok will support digital currency trading, token storage, appreciation on investment, market index and other services. It aims to solve the problems of managing various digital currency exchange transactions, such as complicated process and poor value transmission, to meet the diversified demands of users. In addition to being safe, simple, and easy to use, BitTok supports multiple currencies. The users can conduct 24-hour timely transactions and two-way transactions, in a fast and convenient manner. At the same time, in the new version, users will be allowed to view the latest data of the global mainstream exchanges. The price fluctuations of major crypto currencies will be updated in real-time, and the value of information will be transmitted to help you grasp the industry vane in the first time.

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