Robot Global’s Users exceeded 100,000 worldwide

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Robot Global’s Users exceeded 100,000 worldwide

September 09
23:27 2019
Globalization Process comes to a New Stage

“The number of Robot Global’s users has broken through 100,000 worldwide, globalizations comes to a new stage officially, thanks very much for the support and trust to the users.” – the Technical Director of Robot Global Tim

At the beginning of September, Robot Global, the AI Intelligent Block Chain Finance Manager in the new machine civilization era, has exceeded 100,000 + users after the project officially launched, and the growth rate is very rapid, which signs that Robot Global globalization process comes to a new stage.

At the same time, Robot Global has succeeded in seizing the market opportunity in the wave of block chain. At present, Robot Global has launched the online wallet function, supported the opening of Robot AI intelligent financial management function, and successfully gathered a large number of high-quality investors, including large investors and a large number of individual investors.

Focus on data security and protect user privacy

With the increasing development of the global Internet world, centralized data storage methods are facing many security risks. Creating decentralized storage has become a new trend of technological development. Robot Global adapts block chain distributed storage technology and the application scenarios of AI technology to provide more secure management for human future data value and improve efficiency through AI technology.

Back to the Essence of Technology and Achieve Leading Service Platform

Robot Global is essentially a public chain platform based on Block Chain + AI technology and Machine Civilization Block Chain 3.0 era. Robot Global will take AI as the portal, linking users, businesses and third-party service providers in depth, and linking up all credit assets, ultimately creating a free-growing big data service system out of control of internal or external centralized oligarchs. Robot Global will achieve point-to-point storage, reduce credit costs, improve throughput efficiency and be a leading digital finance comprehensive service platform based on distributed storage application technology.

At present, Robot Global has a bank-level security system. It provides secure, efficient and transparent services for individuals and institutions through superimposed multiple signatures, bank-level SSL security protocol, high-protection DDOS attack system, and third-party asset hosting and liquidation underlying chain model.

Set the Development of Globalization as the Goal, opening Globalization Journey

Robot Global has always been based on block chain technology and adhered to the concept of globalization. Relying on the global operation center and taking the development of the world block chain as the axis, we can deploy the operation force and easily realize the global real-time publicity. Strong core competitiveness constantly attracts high-quality projects, innovates and expands new markets.

In the future, Robot Global will continue to promote the technological innovation of the block chain, actively promote the comprehensive market ecology of the block chain, and build a global market network. In the process of market, strive for cooperating with global high-quality project parties to create Star projects in batches, incubate innovative projects and bring more high-quality assets to users. At the same time, we will continue to enrich the construction of mining pond business and establish a consumption mining ecology. Based on the innovative application of technology, a block chain platform controlled by AI will be constructed. On the premise of ensuring security, fairness and performance, we will encourage more people to participate in the development and landing of intelligent applications, and promote the development of digital economy in a credible and reliable environment, to provide users a digital asset management service platform integrated by one-stop asset management financial management and consumption payment mining.

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