Journey of Bachir Sarkis, Founder of Voyageur Jewelry and First Autism School in Lebanon

September 20 23:39 2019
Journey of Bachir Sarkis, Founder of Voyageur Jewelry and First Autism School in Lebanon

Bachir Sarkis was born and raised in a business family, well-known for its phenomenal success in multi businesses run by Sarkis Group International. It owns several businesses across a wide range of activities, in addition to representing key multinational companies in different parts of the world.

Based strategically in Lebanon at the crossroads of three continents, it has successfully established its presence in 9 countries with over 10,000 employees. The group’s robust range of activities includes real estate, automotive, tobacco, fashion, luxury, business farming, export/import and largest distributors, with other new sectors on the horizon.

Bachir Sarkis

At an early age, Bachir Sarkis was influenced by his father Raymond Sarkis, President of Sarkis group and by his uncle, Sarkis Sarkis, chairman of Sarkis group. They taught him that tackling obstacles and embracing failures with an unshakeable belief in oneself are the key to success.

After his graduation from business marketing, Bachir Sarkis travelled to many countries where he faced many challenges, however, finally he decided to settle in Lebanon.

In 2005, Bachir Sarkis founded Voyageur Jewelry, an exquisite brand for handcrafted jewelry pieces. Against all odds, Voyageur has risen to become one of the leading jewelry brands in Lebanon. In 2006, Voyageur Jewelry has become also a much-requested brand in Saudi Arabia where it met big success and few years later, in 2008, Bachir Sarkis opened his own factory and start selling jewelry pieces in wholesale and retail.

Bachir faced lots of difficulties in Lebanon and encounters many setbacks, such as Rafic Hariri assassination in 2005, the July War in 2006, Nahr Al Bared conflict in 2008, as well as the economic downturn in the latest 10 years, however, “the man with the lion’s heart” as his friends describe him, is determined to manage successfully each dilemma and to never surrender to failure.

Voyageur has been honored in several occasions in Istanbul, Italy and Saudi Arabia, and currently, Bachir is working to make the brand global and recognized internationally. According to him, the brand is growing rapidly and though it’s a challenge to open in the United States, challenges are made to be overcome.

Bachir Sarkis has just accomplished his passion project, a dream he never gave up on. To help out a cause close to his heart, he has worked hard to finally inaugurate the “1, 2, 3 Autism School” in Dbayeh, the first of its kind in Lebanon. The school was funded with a donation from businessman Sarkis Sarkis and will run under the management of “NECC – USA”, an autism education and research institute with 40 years of experience helping children with autism.

Other than taking Voyageur Jewelry to an international fame and inheriting it to his children, Bachir Sarkis dreams have no limits. Investing in any field, such as arts and entrepreneurship is always appealing to him.

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