Promotes the Use of Boho Clothes

September 20 23:57 2019 Promotes the Use of Boho Clothes

Boho, or bohemian style, became popular in 2005. And according to, it doesn’t look like the trend is going anywhere soon. Before you go shopping for boho clothes at stores like BitterSweet Boutique, it’s important to know what type of bohemian trends is in for 2019.

For example, one of the latest fashion trends for women that are hot right now is animal print. The current trend is a leopard-print skirt or slip dress. Of course, you have other print options like zebra and tiger stripes.

Understand the Boho-Chic Style

You will want to go right here for the latest fashion ideas. However, it is important to understand the elements of boho-chic. Boho-chic is the current “in” style for women’s fashion. Boho-chic glams up clothing that combines patterns and colors considered bohemian. The term “chic” is actually French for “chique” and describes clothing that is elegant, graceful and sophisticated.

How to Dress in the Boho-Chic Style

Boho-chic has been around for some time. So, it’s important to follow the current trend instead of the vintage ‘60s and 70s hippie fashion. Today’s bohemian fashion trends involve adding a little touch of the boho-chic to everyday attire.

For example, add some boho accessories. These accessories can be a belt, earrings and other jewelry. In fact, no boho-chic outfit is complete unless you have a couple of gypsy bracelets or dream catcher necklace. These things go great with blue denim shorts, floral print dress or a sophisticated boho maxi dress.

Add a bohemian bag to your outfit. The boho-chic style purses are beautiful and unique because of their shapes, tribal patterns, and colors. Some of them have woven tassels on them. Whatever pattern you choose, know that the right boho-chic bag will make your outfit looking smashing.

Of course, an outfit isn’t complete without shoes. The first thing to know about the boho-chic style is that it is ultra-casual. This means that when picking shoes, you are going for comfort and freedom.

Vintage-inspired platforms are perfect for any outfit. These shoes go with a maxi shirt or floral shorts. During the winter, invest in glamorous bohemian boots. Most of these boots are designed with fringes or embellished heels to amp up your boho-chic style.

Remember the Simple Elements of Boho-Chic Style

The key element of the boho-chic style is dressing in layers. You want to create a relaxed, gypsy style. This means that you layer items over other pieces. One example is wearing a flowing shirt with a tight-fitting bralette and fringe jacket. You also want to invest in some flowing, oversized pieces such as peasant skirts and long maxi skirts. These things are important, but simple elements of bohemian style.

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