EAORON invented the anti-sugar gold exfoliating cream that can magically remove wrinkles and dead skin

October 08 21:09 2019

EAORON, an Australian first-line beauty brand that once swept the domestic market with the introduction of the world’s first smear-on hydrating needle and the world’s first smear-on anti-sugar pill, recently released the world’s first anti-sugar gold exfoliating cream, once again demonstrating its strong research and development strength. EAORON research and development team turned their eyes from facial skin to body skin this time, and combined the first-class beauty makeup technology with Australia’s unique and precious natural resources. The anti-sugar gold exfoliating cream developed not only can gently and effectively remove dead skin and cutin of whole body skin, but also can resist sugar and aging. It can make the whole body skin bright, white, tender and smooth, bringing exquisite and beautiful to tens of millions of women.

Many women who love beauty often use exfoliating cream to remove excess cutin and dead skin, so that the nutrition of skin care products can be better absorbed by the skin. However, Australia’s top beauty cosmetics brand EAORON gives the exfoliating cream a higher meaning with its excellent medical and cosmetic technology. According to the director of the research and development department of EAORON anti-sugar gold exfoliating cream, the EOROON anti-sugar gold exfoliating cream is the world’s first anti-sugar cream, which breaks through the single exfoliation function of traditional exfoliating cream, the first anti-sugar and anti-aging ingredients are added to the exfoliating cream, so that the skin absorbs the anti-sugar essence for the first time after absorption, thus magically restoring the skin’s delicate, smooth and white.

This exfoliating cream perfectly integrates EAORON’s top anti-sugar ingredients carnosine PRO, which repels saccharification factors from the roots, protects the collagen from saccharification, fades yellow, and even cleans the complexion, whitens and brightens. “Chloe said,” In addition, the natural antioxidant shea butter extract has been added to enrich vitamin E, which softens and moisturizes the skin, forming a milky white barrier on the surface, effectively resisting UV intrusion and repairing the skin barrier.

The reporter learned that after the first CW pharmacy in Australia was shelved, the gold exfoliating cream was immediately acquired by EAORON global core funs and quickly became Australia’s largest selling cream product. In front of EAORON shelf in the CW pharmacy, a consumer told the reporter in an interview: “I started a bottle of gold anti-sugar exfoliating cream when I saw EAORON launching the new product.” I am an old user of EAORON. I have used EAORON’s smear-on hydrating needle and smear-on anti-sugar pill. Now the fine lines on the corner of my eye have almost completely disappeared, and the effect is very good. Now this exfoliating cream adds anti-sugar function, and the oversized bottle can be used throughout the body. I very much hope that it will make my entire skin as white and bright as my face.”

Although conventional exfoliation and dead skin can completely remove dirt on the skin surface and improve skin roughness and darkness, most of the exfoliating creams on the market have problems such as coarse particles, chemical components, and strong irritation. If the user is careless, it will cause irritant damage to the skin. EOROON Anti-Sugar Gold Exfoliating Cream subverts all the defects of traditional exfoliating cream. It is not only super-temperate, but also contains pure natural Australian plant extracts. It is non-irritating and non-invasive to the skin.

“The product is newly added with top-grade jojoba rich in vitamins A, D and E, and omega 6+9 fatty acids.  This can not only moisten skin and keep it moist for a long time, but also has the powerful effects of calming, relieving, inhibiting inflammation and resisting oxygen.  In addition, there is EAORON’s top medical beauty achievement “active nano gold”, which contains rich mineral components and negative ions. It can neutralize free radicals and dissolve waste horny substances that cannot be metabolized, thus promoting skin metabolism, enhancing absorption and enhancing skin’s resistance to external stimuli. EAORON anti-sugar gold exfoliating cream research and development leader Chloe said.

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