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November 13
22:39 2019 Suggest Sports Speakers 360 for Event Planners

Over $1 billion is spent throughout the world annually on encouraging, engaging and motivating speakers and lecturers.  It’s estimated that US colleges and universities alone spend upwards of $200 million each year to secure the right speaker for graduation ceremonies.  With such cost and enormity of planning that it takes to get the right speaker for your event, you need to be sure to put your best foot forward.

To begin, you must consider the type of event you are hosting and what type of speaker would best fit your audience.  Let’s say in this case it’s a sporting event. Gather the team together and flesh out all of the needed resources; but, do so while keeping in mind the professional level of your intended speaker.  Many attendees will overlook the plastic plates and utensils at the event, but they won’t overlook the guest speaker. So, look at the resources, the cost, and then shave off what you can with the expectation that you will spend the remainder on a speaker.  After all, wouldn’t it be great to land someone like Tim Tebow at your event. At 31 with the NFL behind him, Tim Tebow is one final step from MLB.  But it’s the biggest.

Another thing for your team to consider is the demographics of your attendees.  Consider their age range, educational level. Using our sporting event example, you might consider the dominant gender of the audience.  What would be the greatest interest that would cover most of your participants? Items like these should be considered before you click for info on great sports speakers.  How do you want the audience to be impacted?  Do you want them to donate to a special cause, or want them to become more aware of a specific situation?  Are they there for a motivational speech?

Once you have an idea as to the speaker you want to book, you should ask the agency you are working with about travel arrangements and housing accommodation costs.  If you were planning a sporting event, agencies like Sports Speakers 360 should have all of this type of information readily available for you to support your planning efforts. Sometimes contract demands for specific speakers can be a bit complicated; but, the right agency can reduce the stress for your team in the planning phase of things.

Speakers and lecturers can make or break a successful meeting and/or event – and often define it.  Meeting and event planners should have a critical approach to their procurement decisions, especially as to the right speaker for their occasion.  Good luck on your next event.

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