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December 03 21:27 2019

Staking is the process of holding funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to support the operations of a blockchain network such as voting, validation, mixing transaction etc. As return, participants receive crypto rewards by locking cryptocurrencies in staking process. Staking is available on many chains in many forms, and yield yearly return varies from 1% to 200%. Staking economy has drawn strong market attention in 2019, even though there are liquidity constrains, technical barriers and fund loss risks associate to it.

Recently, raised $3,000,000 seed round from a group of cryptocurrency investment firms some of which are their anonymous institutional customers.

How makes staking different

Risk Free:

Unlike other centralized staking platform like crypto exchanges or 3rd party staking provider, provides staking service utilizing decentralized crypto wallet and smart contract solution insuring users hold their own private keys and staked fund is certainly returned or unlocked as coded in smart contract.

Liquidity Free:

Some of the the chains may allow users to unlock their coins from staking delegation at any time with some rewards lost, while others may not allow any instant withdrawals in consideration of blockchain safety and continuous operation. aims to provide an unified instant withdrawal experience with Staking Swap Platform and Reserved Fund. Users will not miss any investment opportunities or bear illiquidity during staking period any more.

Earn More and Lose Less:

The most glaring risk that goes into staking is price uncertainty, if the price of the underlying staked asset goes down by a percentage higher than the staking yield, users bear lost because of staking. Future exchange provided by for the staking supported assets has the potential to grow big and proved to be an effective tool for locking up staking revenue. To cover the uncertainty of staking due to uptime, slash, etc and increase staking earning, creatively initiate PoS 200 plan to double up the staking reward using their own tokens.

There are still more interesting thought brought up by, and details can be found in their whitepaper. 

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