IDS creates global blockchain distributed edge cloud storage

December 06 16:36 2019

With the development of science and technology, big data, cloud storage, blockchain and other emerging technologies have become a technology boom in the new era. In December 2019, IDS released by IDS foundation of the UK triggered a shock in the area of blockchain.

interstellar distributed storage AbbreviationIDS The project builds the first chain of global distributed edge cloud storage, and creates a super cloud storage and a super media with massive data, which is distributed around the world, close to the network end-users for deployment and rapid response, never stop, never power off, natural remote disaster recovery, unlimited capacity expansion, self-healing ability, data privacy and security.

IDS The project is owned by the UKIDS Foundation led development,With Singapore AI DATA TOKEN FOUNDATION  LTD (Singapore Artificial Intelligence Foundation Limited,Abbreviation AI) and Navigator Foundation (Singapore pilot fund Co., Ltd,Abbreviation NF) Jointly issued, the project is supported by three famous international capital operators, namely, delta capital from the UK(Allin capital itd),Us cryptocapital(Encryption capital Abbreviation:EC)And virgin International Entertainment Group from Macau。

It is understood that more than 30 core members of the project are mainly from Tencent, Facebook, Microsoft or Google and other top companies in the world. Person in charge of the project Michael LiuYears in India Honeywell According to the chief engineer of the system R & D director of many large international companies, IDS is a land-based application, 100%Full mining,makeIPFSBottom Technology,makepoc Thousands of times the value of mining, to be the leader of POC mining. Use the storage space contributed by miners to complete distributed storage and commercial application.

2015-2020 year,Global data volume grew at a compound annual growth rate of 17.6%. 80% of enterprises are planning or have used big data-based business intelligence. Global data center traffic is expected to grow to 15.3zb in 2020, accounting for 77% of global data traffic. There are thousands of large data centers in the world, and there is little possibility of cooperation between them. The data center faces several obvious problems: insufficient privacy protection, high cost, storage fragmentation and data island Data monopoly。

IDS main network technology is a real public chain based on distributed storage. The first phase of the project is based on Ethereum. When the membership base and consensus are reached, an independent public chain will be developed. IDS project is open to global storage hardware, users can become IDS nodes by contributing their storage space. The nodes of the whole network work together to form a distributed storage chain with unlimited capacity, natural remote disaster recovery and self-healing ability; while the nodes get corresponding IDS storage certificates according to their comprehensive contributions such as storage capacity, online rate, network performance and actual service quality. According to the comprehensive contributions of the node to the stable operation of the whole network, such as the current contribution proportion, the historical contribution proportion and the future development contribution proportion, the node obtains the corresponding IDS incentive certificate. IDS is generated according to the POS (proof of rights and interests) algorithm, which represents the storage value of the whole network. The total amount of IDS is limited, and some IDS will be destroyed in the process of operation, which has a natural intrinsic value growth momentum.

IDS three-dimensional incentive system is the first three-dimensional incentive system in the global distributed storage field. It is the inevitable demand after the cloud disk application on the storage chain takes the lead in landing. It represents the inevitable trend of the distributed storage field and has far-reaching significance. The IDS project predicts that all distributed storage projects will adjust their incentive system actively or passively after the application they create is put into practice, from a single incentive system to a three-dimensional incentive system of “stable pass + incentive pass” similar to the IDS project. The excellent incentive mechanism represented by IDS will also greatly stimulate the enthusiasm of nodes and lay a long-term and solid foundation for the sustained and rapid development of IDS storage chain.

With the support of international capital and the development of top technology team, IDS project has natural advantages. The total amount of tokens issued by the project is 33.66 million. The way of mining is 100%. In addition to the issuance of original pledge and market value management contract, the other 31 million tokens are all mined. The contract is 660000 yuan as the original super node mining pledge, and the ownership belongs to the foundation.

According to the planning and design of IDS project, it will be online mining in December 2019, online exchange in March 2020, game landing before the end of 2020, encrypted community, e-commerce flash, block mall, block social and other applications. In 2020, it will focus on the global market, and in 2021, it will realize the whole ecosystem on the block chain.

IDS project helps users to commercialize the idle storage space and computing resources through sharing. In the future, it can also help users to realize the value of the original digital content stored (photos, videos, articles, live broadcast, etc.) through sharing, which can reduce the operating cost for enterprises, realize the value circulation with blockchain technology, reconstruct the integration of storage and landing application with distributed technology Industrial ecology. IDS project is an edge cloud storage infrastructure for Internet of things and 5g era data storage, which will create huge economic and social value.

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