Haimbio, a high tech R&D bio firm, awarded for Cancer Energy Metabolism-based Therapy (CEMBT’s) by Korean National Assembly

January 14 20:48 2020
Haimbio, a high tech R&D bio firm, awarded for Cancer Energy Metabolism-based Therapy (CEMBT’s) by Korean National Assembly

Haimbio (Ph. D. Hong Yeoul Kim, CEO), a research and development bio firm has recently received the Award by the head of Health and Welfare Committee in Korean National Assembly and the 3rd Global Power Brand Award.

Starvanip® has a rather unique and universal technology platform oriented for new paradigm of anti-cancer drug.  This differentiates from existing anti-cancer drugs by the effects; i.e., — inhibiting the generation of Cancer Energy source, so inducing the apoptosis, the death of cancer cell.  In doing so, this is anticipated to dramatically improve the side effects such as damaging normal cell and to further reduce toxicity accompanied by existing anti-cancer therapies.  Last but not the least, the firm insists to augment the low rate of curing and to target wider range of cancer types.

With the tests on not only animals but also patient derived cells and organoid, the pre-clinical efficacy and safety have been secured.  In duration of this pre-clinical phase, the firm has tested and confirmed the significant efficacy by combined use of Starvanip® with the conventional anti-cancer drugs for the indications of 12 different types of cancer, including GBM, pancreatic cancer, non-small cell cancer, and etc.

Beginning from early Dec. of 2019, the firm has Starvanip® at the stage of Clinical Trial Phase 1 in Korea which is targeted exclusively on 40 + patients who have failed the conventional anti-cancer therapies.  Simultaneously, the firm is in the preparation of pre-IND scheduled early part of 2020 and Clinical Trial Phase 2 in USA to be filed later part of this year.  Ultimately, the firm is aiming at Orphan Disease Designation (ODD) which will make the path to the conditional sales of Starvanip® after the completion of Clinical Trial Phase 2 in USA.

Starvanip® is the anti-cancer substance in-licensed from Korea’s National Cancer Center (NCC) and Yonsei Medical Center has been intensively proceeded for the indications of the variety of cancer. 

Reporter at Korean sisa economy: Yoon Kwang Hee

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