Why More Canadians Than Ever Are Taking Up Psychotherapy for Anxiety Counselling

January 22 23:42 2020

Issues surrounding mental health are rarely out of the spotlight these days. With 53% of Canadians now considering anxiety and depression to be at ‘epidemic’ levels across the country, finding the right level of support is vital. Psychotherapy is fast-growing, meaning that services such as anxiety counselling are increasingly more available in Vaughan and other places across the country.

Anxiety, depression and other psychological issues are now being spoken about more openly across workplaces, schools and at home, meaning healthy debate is now happening and more likely to tackle what has previously been a hidden issue. Treatments such as psychotherapy are now on the rise, with services such as anxiety counselling on offer to treat the symptoms and eventually the causes.

The growing problem of mental health

With further reports pointing towards growing antidepressant use in youths and adolescents, mental health issues are far from being under control. While medication can prove an effective solution for mental health issues, other forms of therapy including psychotherapy offer a more holistic approach that drills down to the core issues – rather than just treating the symptoms.

Anyone in Vaughan searching for anxiety counselling can find a possible approach in psychotherapy, which has been described as the ‘talking therapy’ because it is aimed at equipping people with the flexibility to adapt to challenging situations in the future. Psychotherapy takes the form of group therapy, one-to-one sessions or in pairs, and can even involve therapy with music and art.

However, one drawback in psychotherapy is its lack of regulation. With almost anyone being able to describe themselves as a therapist, the profession is open to poor standards but also abuse by unscrupulous individuals who fly under the radar. The onus is still very much on the individual to research psychotherapy clinics to find the right standard of anxiety counselling for them.

What does psychotherapy treat?

A spokesperson for InnerSight Psychotherapy in Vaughan, which specializes in anxiety counselling for conditions such as panic attacks, says the therapy works by taking a ‘whole-body’ approach to tackling mental health issues. This ensures anything within the human body that might be related to the condition is considered as part of the treatment – something that might be easily overlooked in more traditionally clinical approaches to mental health treatment.

The spokesperson added: “Psychotherapy works in rooting out and tackling the causes of mental health issues whether they are internal in origin – such as bad diet, lack of exercise or general poor physical health – or affected by external factors such as a traumatic incident or something stressful such as bereavement or a divorce.

“The therapy then usually employs the wide expertise of a multidisciplinary team to come up with a bespoke solution for the patient. Our teams have backgrounds in relationship counselling, mindful eating and even equine assisted therapy to provide something unique to the patient’s needs, no matter how complex.”

The growth in psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is growing in popularity as people opt for the non-medicated approach to dealing with the complex area of mental health. Latest market reports value the global behaviour therapy market at over $183 billion as of 2018, with this estimated to grow to over $347bn by the end of 2025. This considerable growth reflects people’s willingness to try something holistic and the ability of psychotherapy to adapt itself to the unique nature of mental health conditions.

About InnerSight Psychotherapy

InnerSight Psychotherapy is a clinic based in Ontario that provides psychotherapy services to Vaughan residents in anxiety counselling, mindful eating, cognitive behaviour therapy and equine assisted therapy. They also provide reiki, yoga and existential therapy.

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