ProUptimeMonitor Ensures Uninterrupted Revenue Generation for Entrepreneurs

April 09 20:04 2020
Today, more entrepreneurs choose to rely on web-based applications to implement revenue-generating services.

An uninterrupted revenue generation is a vital aspect of every business’s efforts to create growth opportunities and for a business to succeed, thus, it is important to maintain a business website’s availability 24/7.

There are two fundamental concepts to consider in maintaining the operability and availability of a website and this includes uptime and downtime. Uptime is described as the amount of time a server, device, operating hardware, or system takes without interruptions. Downtime, on the other hand, pertains to the amount of time during which a website or server is inactive.

These are the important measures that entrepreneurs need to consider to ensure a smooth-running website and it will always be accessible to any user.

The consequences of downtime

Unexpected website disruptions such as failure in business-critical applications, business processes, and the computer system can bring both productivity and monetary problems.

These events can be costly in terms of brand reputation, search engine visibility, and bottom-line revenue. Aside from economic losses, downtime also entails:

  • Dissatisfied users
  • Market downturn
  • Service interruption
  • Errors in human-managed operations
  • Non-compliance with regulations

Detecting these problems and responding to it even before they occur is important to ensure minimal impact on a business’s revenue generation activities.

Employing a monitoring service provider like ProUptimeMonitor is important as it can provide a thorough and systematic process of monitoring a website to ensure that all web applications and systems are performing at an optimum level.

Through website monitoring, entrepreneurs can know about the issues that can affect website performance and can have the opportunity to act on the issues before it damages the entire business.

About ProUptimeMonitor

ProUptimeMonitor is an online platform that offers uptime and website monitoring for businesses of all sizes. ProUptimeMonitor has built its reputation for providing excellent, efficient, and cost-effective monitoring services.

ProUptimeMonitor understands that many entrepreneurs are faced with the tedious challenge of maintaining their networks to allow consistent productivity and availability. The platform was established to deliver high-quality of uptime monitoring and cut costs for entrepreneurs by fixing the issues before any of the user notices.

ProUptimeMonitor works by tracking and monitoring the status of web servers to identify any problem. ProUptimeMonitor provides basic maintenance and management of a business website which includes routine tasks such as creating backups.

ProUptimeMonitor protects day-to-day business operations as well as revenue-generating activities, thereby freeing up entrepreneurs to focus more on their business rather than tracking hardware upgrades, expiring software, monitoring downtime, and website maintenance.

Through ProUptimeMonitor’s monitoring services, entrepreneurs can avoid downtime and the consequences it entails. By availing ProUptimeMonitor’s services, entrepreneurs can gain the following benefits:

  1. Real-time access on the status of the systems – Through uptime monitoring, all networks and systems will undergo comprehensive review and analysis to avoid all kinds of errors. This helps in keeping all technological resources organized which includes the use of RAM, system speed, malware control, and bandwidth. This allows entrepreneurs to check in real-time any potential problem that may arise so they can fix them quickly.
  2. Identify the origin of the incidents – Having constant monitoring of websites helps in identifying the origin of the problem. This reduces the time of the response as it helps in attacking the bug even before it causes a major server problem.
  3. Increase in revenue – Monitoring services bring value to business revenue. Based on research, slow website speed can cost a business billions of dollars per year and can result in customer dissatisfaction. Through monitoring, entrepreneurs can track slow web speeds, identify its root cause, and have the opportunity to fix the issue before it incurs them major losses.
  4. Improve customer experience – Aside from downtime and website speed, uptime monitoring also provides valuable insights on how customers interact with a website. Understanding and identifying consumer behavior helps in developing the best strategy to keep them interested in visiting the site.

The need for website monitoring and its benefits cannot be overstated. Situations like slow website speed, downtime, and site malfunction can be easily prevented by relying on a reputable monitoring service provider like ProUptimeMonitor. It not only does its job of maintaining a well-performing website, but also ensures that businesses have uninterrupted revenue-generating activities.

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