Denver-based Tread Global, Inc. reaches PPE manufacturing deals

April 10 13:16 2020

Denver, Colorado, USA – Denver-based Tread Global, Inc., an international manufacturing firm, reports they have reached a deal with two of the largest PPE manufacturers in the world.

Jeremy Buck, Founder and Chief Development Officer of Tread Global states, “Over the past three weeks we, along with our Shanghai office have worked tirelessly to procure contracts for PPE on behalf of the US.  We have come to agreements with two certified and reputable FDA approved Chinese manufacturing corporations that are offering a dependable, quality product at the highest production speeds in the industry.” 

According to the US Department of Health regarding PPE, the production output of 20 million surgical masks per week, would take years to supply the US with the volume of PPE needed now and in the immediate future. They consistently say they are actively trying to secure additional partners.

As China is the largest producer of PPE in the world, the US now desperately needs China’s production capabilities. With critical shortages being experienced in the US since the Coronavirus spread, the problem is finding certified, and legitimate PPE manufacturers who can produce at the mass volume the US needs.

“It’s been tough to turn on the news and hear about the extreme shortages and the state of emergency we are in.  Given our global experience and long-term relationships, we have been able to finalize long-term agreements, yet every day that goes by without a PO from a federal, state or private entity continues to be deeply disappointing that we are not able to execute these agreements.”

Tread Global also wants their home state of Colorado, other states and the Federal Government to know that they are able deliver door-to-door the mass produced PPE supplies. With the help of their global transportation partners, they have secured two Boeing 747 cargo planes that will bring the PPE supplies into the country on a 10-day delivery cycle.

Mr. Buck went on to say, “The world has been plunged into a pandemic event the likes of which this generation was not prepared for.  The fact is, there are PPE supplies readily available, unfortunately the red tape involved in procuring these supplies is prolonging the process, while everyday, more people are getting sick.”

Buck continued, “Up until now, no entity has wanted to take the responsibility for signing a PO.  The factories are ready to produce, we are ready to deliver, yet, federal and state entities are arguing over who is paying the bill.  It’s unfortunate that it has become such a political issue, and every day more front-line healthcare workers, and average Americans lack basic, proper equipment to protect themselves.”

A sample shipment that fits on each Boeing 747-400 has been submitted to government agencies and multiple states.  Tread Global is awaiting a response, a commitment, and a signed Purchase Order to move forward with bringing these life saving supplies to the US:

1,200,000 N95 Respirator Masks (NIOSH/FDA)
3,000,000 Medical Masks (FDA)
3,000,000 Surgical Masks (FDA)
3,400,000 Nitrile Surgical Gloves (FDA)
40,000 Level-2 Gowns/Isolation Suits (FDA)
120,000 Face Shields (FDA)

“I have to believe that government entities are working around the clock to figure out what is best for the American people.  I also know however, that they do not know how to manufacture and procure on an international level like we do, and have done for the past 10 years.” said Mr. Buck.

One rising concern is that the US and the rest of the world will quickly be up against a shortage of raw materials needed to manufacture PPE.  These materials have quadrupled in utilization since the beginning of 2020, as the manufacturing of PPE supplies has escalated.

There is a limited work force due to the Coronavirus, air and ocean shipments have unprecedented delays and nearly every country in the world now requires masks.  Tread Global’s Stage Two Development Plan is to contractually lock up raw material suppliers for PPE production for the next 12 months.  Since the end of January other countries have contractually locked up suppliers to exclusively produce for them.  This is something the individual states are not in a position to do and the federal government has not done, but Tread Global is doing so while there are still certified manufacturers available.

Mr. Buck definitively stated, “If Tread Global isn’t able to finalize a Purchase Order in the next 7 days, because of failure to commit to this life saving undertaking, these factories will contract with other entities and the US will lose its ability to import PPE supplies so desperately needed.”  

About Tread Global: 

Tread Global, Inc. is a product development, manufacturing and safety-testing company based in Denver, Colorado, founded by Jeremiah Buck in 2010. For more information, see

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