This Electric SUV Will Be Turning Heads: Hiphi 1

April 10 20:00 2020

The Chinese company Human Horizons which unveiled HiPhi 1, an electric SUV with a 400-mile range. According to Fossbytes, this brand could be a serious upcoming competitive brand.

Who is Human Horizons

Human Horizons is an innovative technology company. Human Horizons’ international team consists of over 1000 members representing seven countries with backgrounds in various industries such as Internet, AI, vehicle engineering, and parts manufacturing. They are former executives of leading international companies, IoV and autonomous driving experts, top vehicle development engineers and leading international vehicle designers.

More than half hold a Ph.D. or Master’s degree. The Human Horizons International Science & Technology Advisory Committee which is chaired by the Academic C.C. Chan who is regarded as the  “Father of EVs in Asia”, brings together top scientists from around the world to form a powerful think-tank for Human Horizons.

Human Horizons is partnering with distinguished suppliers such as Bosch, Nebula and Dow.

Human Horizons initiated an agreement with Bosch Connected Mobility Solutions for further cooperation on the Battery in the Cloud technology. This technology connects electric-vehicle batteries with the cloud to extend battery life, substantially improve the battery’s performance and service.

Nebula Link is a domestic supplier of vehicle-road collaboration (V2X ) products and solutions for intelligent networks.

The cooperation between Human Horizons and Nebula Link is a strong partnership between two high tech-oriented companies, which will help the two sides to accelerate the development of V2X application in the Chinese market, and to jointly promote the advanced development efforts to help deploy the technology.

The new high-strength and lightweight materials from the Dow will be used on production NEVs for the first time by the end of 2020.

The two companies are bringing their best resources together to work in three directions: safe structure, green interior, and lightweight materials. This partnership is different from the conventional model for the partnerships of automakers with parts suppliers and materials suppliers, as it starts from the innovation of underlying materials. It provides a breakthrough and demonstrative model for crossover innovation in the industry. Under this model, the two companies are making bold attempts and taking solid steps to overcome barriers aiming to create future mobility products.

Dow and Human Horizon will work together to apply more innovative and green materials in the state-of-the-art products. Who are committed to long-term sustainability, and willing to take more social responsibilities. This is also the vision of both companies.

The HiPhi 1 Price

According to Fossbytes, the price of the HiPhi 1 is yet to be announced officially, but there’s a good chance that it’ll land somewhere in the $75,000 range.

HH HiPhi 1 Vs Tesla Model X Specs Comparison

According to Fossbytes, here are the specs of the HH HiPhi 1 and Tesla Model X extended range:

Which do you prefer to choose? Can the Hiphi 1 challenge Tesla Model X?

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