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April 10 18:00 2020
Keeping a business afloat is always a challenge, much so in today’s fast-changing and heavily competitive markets. Many businesses have to make do with shoestring budgets and every investment to help with the business operations must be justifiable. Everything needs to be cost-effective.

It seems that doing business today is more complicated, especially with the need to participate in the digital markets. But underneath all the complexities, the same operational principles must be followed to survive. Keep revenues high and steady while keeping operational costs low. This formula ensures that a business remains profitable.

Still, the complexities of running a business today cannot be overlooked. The internet is the new battleground for businesses and, to really survive, a business must succeed in the virtual space.

Why does conducting business on the internet increase the chance of its success? Because more and more people are on the internet. The world is fast becoming all connected all the time. It offers the best chance to connect with customers. In fact, nowadays, a website is the primary means for a business to make its presence.

A website serves a lot of functions. It takes the place of a big bright signage that identifies a business. It tells visitors that a business is open. It serves as an ad in the classifieds or a public portfolio of products and services. In many cases, it serves as a platform for transactions between businesses and customers, and where customer support is carried out or exchange of goods or services happen. And a website is accessible to anyone anywhere as long as they have an internet connection.

However, a website is only a virtual construct. To compare, when a physical office or a shop is constructed, it pretty much stays standing. But a website is just a program running, which does only because machines are making it so. Visiting a website is an interplay between a user’s device (smartphone or computer) and a web hosting service that serves like a repository and central command of the website. And typical of man-made machines, they are not perfect. Servers will inevitably run into trouble and, as soon as that happens, humans need to intervene to restore the critical service.

Web hosting services today promise at least 99.9% reliability. This measure is called uptime. It’s the time a website is accessible on the internet. An uptime of 99.9% seems impressively reliable but doing the numbers, the 0.1% difference can translate into more than 40 minutes of continuous downtime in a single month.

Depending on the average traffic volume, the downtime duration is long enough to lose thousands of visitors, which could have translated into hundreds of paying customers. This is unrealized revenue. Worst, the negative effect on the brand will outlast the duration of the downtime itself. This is the reason why servers must maintain a perfectly continuous service.

This is the importance of uptime monitoring. It’s a way to keep an eye on a website all minutes of the day, with no breaks or vacation. Uptime monitoring services automate both monitoring and reporting. As soon as the web hosting service starts showing signs of trouble, the business owner or system administrator will be alerted and the sooner a pending outage is addressed, the sooner a website can get reliably back online. Extended downtime can be significantly shortened, if not fully averted.

The next question is: which uptime monitoring service is good? When it comes to uptime monitoring, one service is steadily building a reputation of saving businesses a great amount of money with downtime quick response and prevention and that service is is a leading solutions provider in uptime monitoring. is equipped to run a barrage of network and server tests that monitor uptime service. Its monitoring system is capable of testing both secure and unsecured sites, perform network tests like pings and latency tests, and monitor visitor traffic volume at the server level. It also does network connection tests from multiple servers in key places around the world.’s monitoring system can keep watch of multiple websites simultaneously every few minutes. Test results are reported via email or short messaging systems. fully understands the impact of uptime monitoring on the business’s bottom line. helps business owners, entrepreneurs, and system administrators maintain continuous business services and ensure that there are no disruptions to revenue generation.

About the Company is an uptime monitoring solutions provider catering to businesses of all scale. For more information on its uptime monitoring services, visit For inquiries, send an email to [email protected].

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