StatusCharge Provides Email and SMS Uptime Alerts to Maximize Business Performance

April 10 19:37 2020
StatusCharge provides email and SMS alert services to business owners and entrepreneurs that avail of its uptime monitoring services.

The company offers various monitoring services that include uptime monitoring, speed tracking, customer transaction monitoring, and real-time monitoring. These services enable companies to monitor and maintain their online platforms, thus ensuring customers of convenient and secure online transactions.

What is StatusCharge?

StatusCharge is a company that offers online uptime monitoring services to help business owners and entrepreneurs monitor their websites’ performance. Uptime monitoring is a service that tracks and reports downtime issues and delays. It assists businesses in maintaining an accessible business platform where their customers can transact 24/7. These transactions include placing orders and making payments. As customers need to disclose confidential financial information during these transactions, businesses also need to ensure the security of their websites.

StatusCharge also offers other services that help improve businesses’ online platforms. Its speed tracking services measure a website’s load time so business owners and entrepreneurs can ensure their customers experience fast and convenient transactions.

The company also offers customer transaction monitoring that includes email and SMS alerts to business owners whenever there are suspicious or failed customer transactions on their websites. This service ensures the security and trustworthiness of a business website.

Another service is real-time monitoring, which includes the analysis of a business’s overall website performance. This service assists business owners in diagnosing and resolving grassroots problems in their businesses’ online platforms.

What are StatusCharge’s email and SMS alert services?

StatusCharge is also known for its reliable and prompt email and SMS alert services. Each package has either an email or SMS alert service; corporate packages have both. These alert features keep business owners and entrepreneurs updated of downtime issues and delays. This service makes it much easier for businesses to maintain and improve their online platforms, guaranteeing smooth and hassle-free transactions for their customers.

Clients also applaud StatusCharge for its accommodating and friendly customer support team.

One client has shared, “For me, one of the most important services that a company can give to its customers, regardless of the nature of their business, is an excellent after-sales customer support team. It says a lot about the reliability and trustworthiness of their business. Fortunately, StatusCharge has a reliable and professional customer support team. As someone who has tried and tested their services, I can assure that these people are dedicated and skilled to help clients like me who want to know more about uptime monitoring.“

Why are uptime monitoring services important?

Uptime monitoring is the consistent monitoring of a website to ensure that it is accessible to customers 24/7. Accessibility is important since businesses, especially virtual ones, depend on their websites for finalizing orders and payments. In the same way, the appearance and performance of a company’s website significantly affect the purchasing decisions of their prospects and customers.

Transactions that involve sensitive financial information, such as online payments, require ensured website security. Business owners and entrepreneurs can only assure this by consistently monitoring their website’s security. One indicator is their website’s uptime performance.

Usually, numerous downtime issues and delays imply poor and unreliable website performance. It means that the website is vulnerable to hacking and other online threats that can seriously compromise customer information.

Uptime monitoring services are also important because they help business owners and entrepreneurs maintain high uptime performance by promptly alerting them of any issues or delays. These downtime issues and delays incur costs to businesses; thus, they should be kept at a minimum. When websites are inaccessible, businesses lose the opportunity to engage more customers and generate sales.

What causes downtime issues?

Many things can cause downtime issues, which makes uptime monitoring services important. These monitoring services help determine the specific causes of a website’s downtime issues and resolve them. The following are some examples of issues that cause downtime:

1. Hackers — Many downtime issues and delays are caused by malicious hackers that take down websites to steal confidential information.

2. DNS issues — This causes many downtime issues that are difficult to diagnose without an uptime monitoring service provider.

3. Web hosting provider issues — Web hosting providers sometimes cause websites’ downtime issues and delays. With an uptime monitoring service provider, business owners and entrepreneurs can effectively evaluate and assess their web hosting provider’s performance.

Learn more about uptime monitoring and StatusCharge by visiting the company’s website at For questions and concerns, send an email to [email protected].

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