Glass Splashback Installation Melbourne By Famous Frameless With Quality Products And Reliable Workmanship

April 11 01:56 2020
Glass Splashback Installation Melbourne By Famous Frameless With Quality Products And Reliable Workmanship
Famous Frameless is committed to installing durable and elegant glass splashbacks in the kitchens and bathrooms of Melbourne homes. The splashbacks are available in different colors and finishes.

According to announcements released by Famous Frameless and Dmitri, the company offers glass splashback installation Melbourne, Australia. The glass splashbacks are installed using toughened safety glass that conforms to the highest Australian standards. Customers can avail of two types of glass for painted glass splashbacks. These are – Clear glass and Starphire glass, also known as low-iron glass.

The former is suitable for darker colored splashbacks. The latter is a very clear form of glass and a better choice for splashbacks that must match an existing color scheme. With respect to colors and finishes, customers can also choose from digitally printed and mirror glass splashbacks.

Digitally printed splashbacks are an opportunity to avail highly customized splashbacks with photos and images of one’s choice.   Now there is also a new innovative product called FGS 3DS.  It was designed to close the gap between glass splashbacks and traditional tiling and it comes in a variety of patterns.

According to sources, regardless of type, all splashbacks installed by Famous Frameless are durable and exhibit a high degree of water, heat, and stain resistance. The splashbacks can be cleaned quickly and help maintain hygiene in kitchens and bathrooms.

Glass splashbacks resist bacterial and fungal growth. Famous Frameless offers its services in the western and northern suburbs of Melbourne.  The company also installs frameless shower screens. These are easily the most eye-catching feature of any bathroom. Clean lines and a beautiful finish complement their functionality.

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Dmitri of Famous Frameless said, “In addition to its functional nature and beautiful finish, glass is also remarkably tough, and in the often brutal kitchen environment, this is essential. From its beautifully smooth, non-porous surface and design, it offers amazing benefits, including heat, stain, and mold resistance, when installed in your home. Even better, glass splashbacks are easy-to-clean, making them perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

For diversity, ever-evolving new technologies have allowed splashback glass to be manufactured in a range of colors and design styles to suit the individual taste, needs, and requirements of your home. From various tints of the mirror, painted and even printed glass options to suit simply endless designs and styles, glass is becoming the sought-after material for splashbacks.

Obviously, every client and splashback is different. We seek to understand each client’s needs and provide splashback options to best suit those needs. With regards to colors, whether you desire a more traditional painted glass splashback – available in solid colors and metallics, a digitally printed or even mirror splashback we have the range and flexibility to find a solution for you.”

On the meticulously implemented installation, Dmitri said, “Our goal is to create a seamless splashback, so the finished work has clean lines with minimal joins. This is done after careful consideration of how each cut is to be made to minimize the amount and location of any joins. Around the perimeter and where joins are absolutely required, we use high-quality silicone caulking of the same or similar shade as the glass splashback.”

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