Strengths Finding Test Helps People Identify Their Natural Talents To Find A Job During Coronavirus Crisis

April 13 20:03 2020
Strengths Finding Test Helps People Identify Their Natural Talents To Find A Job During Coronavirus Crisis
HIGH5TEST commits to offer its state-of-the-art strengths test for free to all people to help them manage their careers and navigate the job crisis during the COVID-19 outbreak.

HIGH5TEST, as a strengths finding tool, is a unique personality test that is designed to help people find what they are naturally good at. During the coronavirus crisis, knowing one’s strengths will be essential for standing out on the job market, finding a new job, or choosing the right career. 

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many to be temporarily out of a job, and many have lost their jobs entirely. In these turbulent times, HIGH5 Test offers its strengths assessment at no cost for all people to rediscover faith and confidence in themselves. By answering a few simple questions of this personality test, one can discover their top 5 strengths that make them unique and where they can apply best their talents.

Along with the free career test, HIGH5 offers additional resources as the coronavirus job loss support to those who lost their jobs, got furloughed, caught between the jobs because of the COVID-19 pandemic. These resources can also be helpful for many that feel stuck in their career or that would like to change its direction. Discovering one’s true talents and character traits might be an opportunity to start from scratch.

“Everyone is different. Not everyone is cut out to be a doctor, car mechanic, painter, or pilot. However, financial and social conditions created by the current crisis may result in people taking up careers that don’t necessarily make them happy or fulfilled,” said the HIGH5 spokesperson.

He said, “We want people to take this downtime as an opportunity to discover and reinvent themselves, find what they are good at, and go for it. The HIGH5 strengths test helps discover your strengths, which you can then use to stand out in the job market. Offering it free of charge means giving this opportunity to millions of people in the times they need it the most.”

The HIGH5 strength test, its strengths profiles, insights, and reports are available on the website for all people around the world.  For more information, please visit

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