Aspiring Film Producer & Former Registered Emergency Nurse Seeking Video Testimonial from Nurses On Strike During National Coronavirus Pandemic Because Hospitals Lack Personal Protection Equipment

April 13 20:12 2020

SANTA FE, NM – April 13, 2020 – Nurses around the country are walking off shift due to unsafe conditions in the hospital. Current news reports show hospital administrations across the country demonizing their nurses because they objected to unsafe conditions in the hospital. In fact, one hospital in Washington even said they were concerned about the profitably of their operations as outpatient services make up a significant portion of their income streams.

Manny Carter, former Registered Emergency Nurse and aspiring producer and filmmaker, states: “When I worked during the Swine Flu pandemic, I was told I could not go home. I had to work yet another shift. It was almost 24 hours then. Hospital administration ran out of glove supplies. I actually found my own supply at the local drug store and bought them all up. Hospital administration does not care about its frontline staff at all. Admin told me they purchase gloves through a central supplier, and it was about the cost. What about the cost of me dying? I asked them. They just told me go to work.”

Carter continues: “My concern is what about the nurses currently in the field fighting the coronavirus. You have countless reports of nurses walking off the job. What people do not understand, unlike when you sign up for the military, is nurses do not get any sort of hazard compensation and they get to bring home whatever they may have contracted to their families. At least in the military, your life is the only one on the line. Not your entire family. I know because I did both. I served during Desert Storm in the Air Force as a nurse.”

Carter wants to document these real live case studies via video testimonial and turn this into featured film documentary. His goal is to shed light on the lack of care for nurses and the blatant disregard by hospital administration that treats them as if they are expendable. As he stated earlier, “If the nurses get sick, who takes care of them?”

Manny Carter is available for interviews. Carter also requests video testimonial from active Registered Nurses.

Video submission and testimonial can be sent to [email protected]

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