This iPad App is helping to save lives after wide-spread COVID-19 pandemic

April 13 23:21 2020

The CONCIERGEpad engineering team is pleased to announce new functionality for its iPad Visitor Management system to aid in identifying COVID-19 virus symptoms at Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities and Schools around the Unites States.  The new functionality works by presenting any visitor, guest or even patient with a template questionnaire designed to flag individuals who may have been infected or in-contact with the COVID-19 virus based on answer choices.

Desiree Vaudrin, receptionist at DOS Healthcare currently utilizing the functionality said “This new feature has helped us tremendously and the app immediately stops visitor when they are suspicious for the virus.  This automation has freed up my time to work on the most important thing, patient-care.”  

The CONCIERGEpad app is programmed to be an almost “touchless” experience as the system can determine when there is a human “face” in front of the iPad.  As a result, the system can determine when someone is at the facility and if they have been there before by performing facial recognition.  In the event of an issue the system will immediately notify the administration.  “This pandemic will change the mindset of how people look at devices in terms of germs and sanitation.  Providing the community with a hands-free experience and still maintaining safety protocols is pivotal at these types of establishments, and perhaps this will be the new normal in terms of visitor management,” said a sales rep for CONCIERGEpad.  The only touchpoint at the current moment is answering the COVID-19 questionnaire but the CONCIERGEpad engineering team is writing new functionality for these questions and answers to be performed orally using speech-to-text technology.  This would then be a complete touchless workflow.

The CONCIERGEpad team is committed to providing all Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities the functionality for free during these difficult times.  If the facility has an iPad they can download the app and start using the software within 15 minutes.

CONCIERGEpad is located in Miami, FL and is continuing to innovate and refine its product by working with staff members and the community to keep visitors and patients as safe as possible during these trying times.


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