Flash Dog Training Continues To Offer All Training Programs during Lockdown

April 13 23:48 2020
Flash Dog Training Continues To Offer All Training Programs during Lockdown
Flash Dog Training is a company offering full spectrum dog training programs. The company has been deemed an essential business and is currently providing all programs as usual.

Offering premium dog training services in Bend, Oregon and Denver, Colorado, Flash Dog Training operates under main trainer Kerry Hall. Being a certified Canine Training Specialist and Behavior Consultant, Kerry is able to apply her bona fide techniques to each and every dog she trains. Garnering instant positive results and correcting behavioral issues with the most cutting edge and humane techniques, Kerry also believes in educating the owners on how to maintain an optimum human to pet relationship, and vice versa.

While most businesses are now closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Flash Dog Training has been deemed an essential business and all of its programs still remain available to clients. Kerry and all other members of Flash Dog Training are strictly following all social distancing protocols to ensure their safety and the safety of their clients. Kerry works closely with each and every dog owner to offer highly tailored solutions to each case, thus offering guaranteed results and an all around happier pet every single time. 

A spokesperson for the company made an official press statement “Here at Flash Dog Training, we are truly dedicated to the work we do. We are remaining open even during these critical times to ensure that we are available for our clients when they need us. Closely following all social distancing and hygiene instructions highlighted by World Health Organization, we are always proactive and put health and safety above everything else. Our 3 week boarding and training program is currently available to all clients within our service areas.”

The spokesperson further added “Kerry Hall is highly skilled and experienced at understanding the mental disposition of each and every dog, which allows her to provide unique attention and care to every problem. Kerry’s methods are focused on creating a transformative experience in the dog’s life. Instead of just teaching dogs to perform on command, Kerry uses behavioral therapy to help the dogs become more calm, composed and less insecure with their environment.” 

With dog and puppy training courses now available, Kerry’s specialty is the E-Collar. Kerry has used the E-Collar for many years to create hundreds of success stories and she still believes it to be the most humane yet most effective method to attain positive results from comprehensive dog training. 

More details about Kerry’s techniques and her success stories, along with a plethora of other important dog training info can be seen on the official Flash Dog Training website at https://www.flashdogtraining.com/. Be sure to also visit them on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/FLASH-Dog-Training-LLC-1677199382515518/

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