IvoryAndArt Releases More Information About Mammoth Ivory Art Collections

April 14 19:39 2020
The one-stop shop for mammoth ivory sculptures, figurines, silverware and more, IvoryAndArt is now providing information about its products to help guide buyers and art lovers

Tel Aviv, Israel – Renowned ivory art store, IvoryAndArt proudly announces that it now provides more information about its mammoth ivory products through its new resource page on the website. As a rare and expensive natural product, mammoth ivory throws up a lot of question with regards to its sourcing, quality, and ways to get high-quality sculptured art and carvings, and this educational resource hopes to answer all those questions.

IvoryAndArt.com has more than 30 years of experience in the arts and artifacts trade business, and specializes in meeting the growing global demand for ivory carvings made from the best and rarest collection of high-grade mammoth ivory. It provides essential information about this product on its education resource center available at https://www.ivoryandart.com/education-center/.

This page contains blog articles that contain important information about ivory and the ivory trade, such as, where and how mammoth ivory can be procured, how to detect a real or fake ivory, quality and grades of artistic ivory, history of ivory, differentiating between real ivory and bone and so on.

The resources also provides additional information on the netsuke and ivory sculptures on offer such as the Seven Gods of Fortune, based on Japanese mythology, and intertwined in folklores in Japan, Chinese Zodiac, which is based on the lunar calendar with a 60 years cycle, The Three Star Gods Or Three Lucky Men, a Tao-based concept which signifies the importance of Good Fortune, Prosperity, and Longevity, Doctor’s Lady, Dragons, Japanese Geisha, and so much more.

A spokesperson for the company, in an interview states, “Not only do we provide the best mammoth ivory carved netsuke for sale, messein porcelain figurines all crafted with skill and guile, now we have in-depth information so that you are armed with the right information when getting the best quality handcrafted products. With a growing demand all over the world, our trade is being populated with fakes, but we have grown a reputation for providing incomparable authentic and high-grade collections.”

About IvoryAndArt:

IvoryAndArt is the leading provider of rare art and artifacts. For over 30 years, IvoryAndArt has continued to provide rare pieces of art, imported from remote corners of the world. In their galleries across Israel, and on their website, you will find a wide selection of beautiful, handcrafted pure pieces of art in precious stones, mammoth ivory and crystal.

IvoryAndArt are direct importers, selecting and importing the items, personally checking each for authenticity and quality. Their collection of exquisite handcrafted products assures of the highest quality, authenticity and reliability on all products available on their website. From antiques of pure sterling silver to precious stone figurines, each piece is rare and valuable.

IvoryAndArt has three Galleries across Israel showcasing some of the world’s finest antiques and artworks and serving thousands of clients each month.

Find out more on their website https://www.ivoryandart.com

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