FANNECTOR Launches to Revolutionize Digital Sports Marketing and Skyrocket the Digital Value of Soccer Clubs

April 14 19:57 2020
FANNECTOR is the world’s first and only Fan Connection Platform. It’s enabling professional soccer clubs to connect with fans, to store and analyze all engagement data and to create digital commercial opportunities for sponsors and the club itself while simultaneously increasing fan loyalty, sponsoring value and commercial revenue.

Vienna, Austria – FANNECTOR, an innovative digital sports marketing platform, launched in April 2020 and is ready to change the way sports marketing is being done by professional soccer clubs. The platform builds connections between fans, sponsors and soccer clubs to foster meaningful relationships and maximize the monetary value of fans and sponsors.

Engaging and connecting with fans while collecting and analyzing valuable engagement insights is currently considered impossible to soccer clubs but with FANNECTOR, that thought belongs to the past! FANNECTOR creates a complete 360-degree fan view and converts digital fan engagement into actionable insights. This results in tailored, targeted digital marketing campaigns that will massively increase the digital value of the soccer clubs for sponsors and fans.

With approximately 4 billion fans globally soccer is the biggest sport in the world. Roughly 90% of the time fans are consuming soccer digitally. Currently soccer clubs are only executing generic, mass marketing campaigns which have a low commercial value. Fans are expecting more personalized content and offers while sponsors want to be offered more digital commercial opportunities. This is exactly where FANNECTOR comes to the rescue!

FANNECTOR enables soccer clubs to engage with their fans, to collect and transform engagement data into useful marketing insights and to plan, execute and automate hyper-personalized marketing campaigns for sponsors and the club. This leads to more loyal fans, higher sponsoring value and significant increases in commercial revenue.

Soccer clubs can collect, own and analyze fan engagement data which enables them to have a full and personal 360-degree fan understanding of each fan. This is utilized to provide fans with highly relevant content and to connect with them through hyper-personalized engagements and offers. Possessing in-depth fan data provides soccer clubs the opportunity to generate significantly more commercial opportunities and maximize their revenue while simultaneously providing more valuable content and offers to the fans. 

Additionally, the platform is enabling soccer clubs to use a data-driven approach to their marketing efforts. The dynamic segmentation mechanism of FANNECTOR empowers soccer club to create macro and micro fan segmentation groups which are utilized to execute the hyper-personalized and relevant marketing campaigns. The fan engagement data and the segmentation groups are also being utilized to promote sponsors more effectively and provide the high-quality digital sponsoring value which sponsors are looking for nowadays.   

According to the company’s Founder Goran Milošević, “FANNECTOR’s sole purpose is to connect sponsors and fans with the soccer club and to allow the soccer club to capitalize on sponsors and fans while simultaneously provide them with significant more value. We are a passionate team of soccer fans who want to enable soccer clubs to present the ideal message, to the ideal person, at the ideal time. Putting the fans centrally and using a data driven approach is the key to providing more value to soccer clubs, sponsors and fans! The only way to ensure maximum digital value for everybody is to generate, analyze, utilize and optimize fan engagement data through FANNECTOR.”

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FANNECTOR is the first and only Fan Connection Platform in the world. It is an innovative digital solution exclusively for professional soccer clubs and enables personalized fan marketing. Our platform empowers soccer clubs to use a data-driven approach to planning, executing and automating digital marketing campaigns. By combining data, fan behavior and multi-channel marketing possibilities FANNECTOR assists sport clubs to deliver the right message, to the right person, on the right time. The result is satisfied, more loyal fans and significant increases in Merchandising, Ticketing and Sponsoring revenue.

For more information about the services offered by FANNECTOR, call Goran Milosevic at +43 (0)676 586 1770 or send him an email at [email protected]. Visit their official website today at to request a demo.

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