F Roads in Iceland: Important Information for Navigating these Roads According to RealtimeCampaign.com

April 14 20:15 2020
F Roads in Iceland: Important Information for Navigating these Roads According to RealtimeCampaign.com

The F-roads in Iceland are those that lead to the highlands. They offer amazing scenery but are often challenging and even dangerous to navigate. F-roads often contain loose gravel, while some also have wide and deep rivers present. For those who don’t consider themselves a confident driver, it’s best to avoid the F-roads altogether.

According to realtimecampaign.com, to drive on Iceland’s F-roads, it is necessary to have a 4×4 vehicle. If a road has a river on it, then a raised 4×4 vehicle is necessary. It’s also highly recommended that anyone traveling these roads do so in a group of two, at least, if issues arise. Keep reading for more advice about navigating F-roads in Iceland.

When Are the F-roads Open?

Because of safety concerns and weather conditions, the F-roads are not open throughout the year. They will only open for a short time each year. some roads open in June and others open in July. Usually, they will be closed again in mid or late September.

When the F-roads open is dependent on how much snow cover is on the roads and the damage the roads have taken over the winter months. The roads need to be in good condition to stand up to a large amount of driving that occurs while they are open.

Getting to Know the Most Popular F-Roads in Iceland

For those who are looking for acts to see at Iceland Airwaves Music Festival, knowing the popular F-roads may not be a huge concern. However, for others, the main attraction is the highlands. If this is the case, knowing what roads to visit and where to go is invaluable.

When renting cars Iceland, one thing that most service providers will let a person know is if the vehicle is suitable to travel on the F-roads. As mentioned above, 4×4 vehicles are the only ones that can access these roads; however, not all 4x4s will be able to handle all F-roads.

A popular route that is accessed by the F-roads is Landmannalaugar. To reach this destination, there are three primary routes, with F208, to the North, being the easiest and one that is most accessible by the majority of 4x4s as it does not include any rivers. While this is true, the road is still rough.

Another route is F225, which comes from the West and requires the use of a larger 4×4. There is also F26 along with F206. However, these two routes are not accessible unless someone has a raised 4×4 vehicle.

If someone decides that renting a vehicle to traverse these challenging roads is necessary, they need to go ahead and pay the additional fee for the insurance. The likelihood of damage occurring is much higher when traveling the F-roads than for other places in this area. Without insurance, the person who rents the vehicle may be liable for any damage or issues that occur.

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