Alternative Replacement for RF Power Capacitor of Vishay Draloric and HEC

April 14 20:27 2020

Shenzhen China – Apr 14, 2020 – RF Power Capacitors is a long history old world craftsmanship type high voltage RF power capacitor. Suitable for high voltage, high frequency, high current application. Most famous brand is  Vishsy – Draloric, High Energy Capacitor (HEC), both from U.S.A, The world most famous stock distributor for RF capacitor is Richardson Electronic.

HVC Capacitor offering industry largest selection stock of RF Power capacitors in Chinese military grade for more than 8 years, is best alternative replacement for Vishay and HEC, Morgan item.

This type of capacitor have production history back to 50 years ago. And also people can find old stock by USSR made. Back to 50 years ago, East Germany support China to build RF capacitor line, and by 40 years production progress. Chinese RF Power capacitor already gain a fame around global. For its low losses, high reliability and high voltage ratings features.

Major application for RF Power capacitor include:

1) Radio communication.

2) TV transmitter, radar engineering.

3) Aerospace Satellite

4) Induction heating machine

5) Gem smelting, poly-silicon smelting, medical RF equipment

Thus we can improve power factor and over-voltage protection of equipment.

Major application from India / Indonesia / Thailand and European Country, mostly use in RF induction heating machine.Manufacturing end user need to find replacement while Vishay model was burn,  it is not easy to find ready stock to replace. And Vishay’s distributor and Ebay / Amazon B2C channel couldn’t offer proper technical support and also keep continue supply. And most importantly, Vishay RF capacitor is too much expensive and hard to acquired. Using HVC RF Power Capacitor can solve all above problem. HVC keep RF Capacitor stock from 7 to 30kv, Rated power up to 160kva and ,diameter size up to 225mm. Can cover most customer’s high frequency capacitor requirement. and engineer may offer some replacement to hard to find model. general lead time in 3 days making quite fast transaction.

Vishay RF power capacitor mostly in plate type (looks like a round plate) and claw type (or we call it finger type). Plate type usually with no finger, but claw type usually with 3,4 or 6 finger. The claw type design in higher rated power. and claw design can make the capacitor easier to cooling down. HVC also offer this two major type RF power capacitor.

Vishay RF power capacitor using Class one ceramic dielectric like R7/R16/R42/R85/R230, The typical material is R85 (N750) HVC RF power capacitor majorly use R85 (N750) ceramic dielectric, proving low dissipation factor to 0.06%. high frequency lower loss feather making this type of capacitor, can work in high frequency condition up to 1Mhz but not generate large heat.

Major Vishay RF power capacitor include series P70, P100, P140, P200 and FPE 200, FPE 210. Frequently use model in European and Amercian market like: PE200, 30KV 1000PF, PE200 30KV 1500PF, 14KV 200PF, 20KVA, 14KV 500, 20KVA, PE100, 14KV 800PF, 14KV 800PF, 14KV 1000PF.

HEC (High Energy Corp) is famous on their HT Series RF capacitor, like HT50 / HT53 / HT54 / HT55 / HT57 / HT58 / HT59. using N750 and N3300 ceramic dielectric, HVC Capacitor also proving HEC RF capacitor alternative solution and keeping large amount of stock.

Following form listing all Vishay and HEC RF power capacitor model that HVC Capacitor can offer alternative and replacement:

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