Telehealth Can Help Many More Patients in Need

April 16 01:03 2020
Telehealth Can Help Many More Patients in Need

The use of telehealth across the country is growing. With this growth, it is clear that consumers are actively searching for this high level of convenience. However, what is even more valuable is when telehealth’s convenience is paired with the ability of a person to see their traditional provider.

The use of telehealth services, from offices like, range from secure chat environments to video sessions. The ability for people to connect with their doctor goes much further to improve the potential health outcome, too. With this service, patients are also more likely to have improved experiences.

It is believed that this technology will not only reduce the costs that are related to individual visits but will also help to make accessing the care needed much more convenient. Even better, telehealth makes it possible for those who need care, but may not be able to access it, to improve their overall health outcomes. Learn more about the impact and reach of telehealth services from places like Wilshire Health & Community Services, Inc. here.

Filling in Cancellations

If a doctor has a patient that cancels their appointment or indicates they can’t come because of something like not having a car available, they can meet via telehealth. For most patients, these meetings are very easy, and they usually only take a few minutes to complete. The meeting will be started by a provider, and a meeting link sent to the patient. There are many systems that don’t require the patient to download anything to meet with their doctor. After the meeting is over, the room can be deleted and the recording exported to be stored in a patient’s record.

Remote Post-Ops Check-Ins

Most providers will have to check in with their patients a few days after they have undergone a surgical procedure. While this is true, there may not be a need to see the patient in person. With telehealth, this situation can be handled, providing care experts and patients with a way to check in briefly and allowing patients to ask questions they may have about their care and needs. This allows a provider to make sure that their patients are following the proper post-op regimen. It will also help to save the patient the need to drive to the office for their appointment.

Rural Patients Can Gain Health to Specialists

Some providers offer patients telehealth services to specialists. This helps them avoid a time-consuming and often expensive journey to the office. For example, if a patient lives in a rural area, they may not have direct access to the specialist they need to see. In this situation, they can rely on telehealth to get the care needed. More about this can be found at

As anyone can see, telehealth offers an array of amazing benefits and is working to transform the healthcare industry. Anyone who needs these services should speak with their doctor to see if they are available. If not, it may be time to make a change to a doctor who offers telemedicine services.

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