Footwear Sanitizing Station Eliminated 100% of Coronavirus in Just Eight Seconds

April 16 19:42 2020
Innovative new product from PathO₃Gen Solutions could reduce the spread of COVID-19

April 16, 2020 – St. Petersburg, FL – The United States has seen over half a million coronavirus cases thus far and sadly, over 23,000 individuals have died from the disease. Both figures are set to increase as the U.S. braces for the coronavirus peak. There is a race to combat the Coronavirus, but a working vaccine is still estimated to be around six months away. In the meantime, Americans are seeking a way to control and stop the spread of the coronavirus. Florida-based PathO₃Gen Solutions have stepped up to the plate to help in the battle against the disease launching the innovative Footwear Sanitizing Station (FSS).

The FSS works in as little as eight seconds and has a kill rate of up to 99.999% for bacteria, and fungi and yielded an elimination rate of 100% for the Coronavirus. The American-made sanitizing station is easy to use. People simply step onto the unit, activating the sanitizing process, stand for a few seconds, and step off when the “ready” light turns green. This light lets people know that their shoes have been disinfected and that they can safely step into a controlled facility or high-risk environment.

PathO₃Gen Solutions designed the first and only footwear sanitizing station to feature Ozone + UVC, a patented and proven revolutionary technology. The technology utilizes a unique combination of natural elements to kill pathogens and destroy up to 99.999% of bacteria and fungi, and 100% of Coronavirus before they become airborne and spread to other people and high touch surface areas. By lowering the overall microbial load, the FSS directly lowers infection rates and creates much healthier environments for everyone entering the facility.

As the coronavirus spreads, footwear is a transportation system for germs, enabling the disease to move from place to place. Hospital workers, nurses, and doctors can spread the coronavirus through the soles of their shoes leading to an increase in contamination. The implementation of the Footwear Sanitizing Station easily reduces the risk of individuals transporting the coronavirus to others by sanitizing footwear in 8 seconds, before and after entering a facility or high-risk environment.

Floors are a significant source of disease and germs, and one that is often overlooked. According to experts, Americans should treat their footwear as if it were contaminated. This means removing shoes when at home and washing their hands after handling footwear. However, not everyone has this opportunity. Essential workers are on the frontlines around the clock fighting against the coronavirus and are most at risk of both contracting the disease and spreading it. The Footwear Sanitizing Station offers individuals and businesses peace of mind when at work, and acts as a visible sign of safety.

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About PathO₃Gen Solutions

PathO₃Gen Solutions’ mission is to create cleaner and safer environments by using their revolutionary Ozone + UVC technology. Opportunistic pathogens can infect humans rapidly, and the Footwear Sanitizing Station offers a proactive solution. The Footwear Sanitizing Station yields results in a matter of seconds, preventing pathogens from entering a facility thus lowering its microbial load.

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