Dots ‘n’ Tots Launches New HBD Interior Design Renovation Package

April 16 21:33 2020
Dots \'n\' Tots Launches New HBD Interior Design Renovation Package

Singapore – Dots ‘n’ Tots, a Singapore interior design firm, is pleased to announce the launch of its new Housing and Development Board (HDB) renovation packages. The new kits include options for three, four, and five-bedroom homes, each with a three-tier price structure. The firm has designed all packages with Singapore’s Built to Order (BTO) standards in mind.

The new tiered system allows customers to choose between three, four, or five-bedroom packages based on their needs. Within each of these options, there are three price levels: Premium, Standard, and Resale. Being transparent and upfront, these price structures allow for clients to know how much it will cost them when they go into a design project. Packages also allow homeowners to plan with deadlines they can set before work begins on their properties. 

Dots ‘n’ Tots is a Singapore-based company that offers HDB interior design as well as branded environments for the workplace and retail spaces. In balancing the affordable with high-quality and space-saving designs, flexibility is a crucial feature of its client service. Its services include renovations, rendered floor plans, space planning, and home staging. The firm incorporates both the client’s ideas and requests alongside the expert knowledge of in-house interior designers. 

Previously, Dots ‘n’ Tots provided only custom-made designs for clients. Clients worked with the design team to build from scratch a plan for any space. While this meant ample freedom for clients to choose, it also caused some problems in budgeting and balancing expert opinion against their own. In response, the company launched the HDB design packages to provide clients with standard packages that had clear and staged pricing options. 

Even with this structured approach, clients still work with the design team during the planning phase to have their creative input. Testimonials listed on the company’s website showcase the clients’ happiness with the level of contribution they felt they had in the project. This satisfaction extended not only to the initial planning stage but to all stages of the renovation process.

This new approach from the interior design company in Singapore balances many of the competing desires of homeowners. Given the unique challenges of the Singapore housing market standards, Dots ‘n’ Tots’ package service will provide cost-efficiency to clients who do not want to sacrifice quality. For more details, see the contact information listed below.

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