Status Charge Empowers Business Websites with Quality Monitoring Services

April 16 17:38 2020
Status Charge is an uptime monitoring services provider that aims to provide businesses with 24/7 monitoring services of their business websites.

The company’s services can help companies minimize downtime issues and delays on their websites. These services are essential to achieving business success since websites play a significant role in building a company’s brand image.

For many businesses today, their business websites are their leading platforms in engaging prospects and customers. Many studies have shown that online platforms, such as websites, significantly affect a person’s purchase decisions. With this in mind, business owners know that to maintain an excellent business website performance, they need to monitor and track any encountered issues or delays.

Studies show that a mere three-second delay in loading a page on its website can cause a business to lose forty percent (40%) of its site visitors. This shows how crucial websites’ roles are in building a company’s reputation online. They can make or break a prospect’s or customer’s decision to purchase a business’s products or services.

To help solve this problem on maintaining excellent website performance, uptime monitoring services providers have emerged for the past few years. These businesses provide 24/7 monitoring and tracking services of websites’ uptime performance. A website’s uptime performance is a measure of its availability and accessibility online. High uptime performance means that a business website is optimal and fully functional.

About Status Charge and its services

Status Charge is a company that provides uptime monitoring services to businesses worldwide. It aims to help companies establish a strong presence online. Through its email and SMS notification service, it keeps its clients updated about their business websites’ overall performance. Many of Status Charge’s clients also praise its responsive and accommodating customer support team that assists businesses in resolving any downtime issues and delays.

Status Charge’s services include uptime monitoring, speed tracking, real-time monitoring, and server monitoring services. Its uptime monitoring services can be classified into three packages, namely, Startup Status Charge Uptime Monitoring Service, Growth Status Charge Uptime Monitoring Service, Corporate Status Charge Uptime Monitoring Service. Each of these packages may be renewed monthly or yearly. These uptime monitoring packages include uptime monitoring of sites and email and SMS alert services.

Moreover, Status Charge’s Speed Tracking Service can help businesses track their websites’ load time. This service includes monitoring and evaluation of business websites’ overall speed performance to help companies measure its efficiency and optimality in engaging online customers.

The company’s Real-Time Monitoring Service helps track customer transactions on a business website. With this feature, it will be easier for businesses to identify key improvement points that are vital to the overall end-user experience. This service includes monitoring and analysis of real-time end-user session transaction data.

Furthermore, Status Charge’s Server Monitoring Service provides 24/7 server systems tracking and maintenance. This service includes monitoring of a server’s memory consumption, network, virtualization, and hardware performance monitoring. It also provides alert notifications sent through email and SMS.

Status Charge’s client experience and feedback

Many of Status Charge’s clients shared their personal experience with the company’s services.

One of them said, “I own an online store, and it is vital for me to maintain a fully functional website to attract customers. However, I am not knowledgeable on how to efficiently maintain a business website. Fortunately, as I browsed online for recommendations, I came across Status Charge’s websites. Of course, I checked the clients’ feedback first and saw that they were pleased and satisfied with their services. Since I felt that the reviews were too good to be true, I also asked around and found out that it would not hurt to try since their services are affordable. Now, I am grateful that I did try, and I get to enjoy the business growth I am experiencing right now!”

Another client also shared, “I am satisfied with Status Charge’s services. Sometimes, I even feel like they charge prices that are way affordable as compared to the quality of service that I am getting from them. I also appreciate that they always send on-time updates through SMS and email notifications. It helps me feel at ease and comfortable even if I am not micromanaging my website anymore. It helps me achieve a work-life balance while still ensuring that my business is doing well online. Thanks, Status Charge!”

To learn more about Status Charge and its services, visit the company’s website at For questions, concerns, and suggestions, send an email to [email protected].

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