Mustafa Ugur Arslan: An insightful Question and Answer Session With Budding Entrepreneur

April 16 19:22 2020
Mustafa Ugur Arslan: An insightful Question and Answer Session With Budding Entrepreneur

Mustafa Ugur Arslan is a young German-born Entrepreneur who founded Qing Technology, a multi-million dollar tech company in 2014. In this question and answer session, Mustafa gives insight on his journey so far.

What’s your Birthplace: Germany, Berlin is my birthplace. I was born on 10. September, 1994

How old were you when you made your first venture into business: I was 19 years old when I launched my first company, Qing Technology.

What powered your interest in that particular line of business: I wanted to do a business where I can serve the people by delivering their needs with top quality services.

Did you get any loan or grant to set up the business: I didn’t get any loan. I got investors who liked my business plan for my first company and started it from there.

What were the challenges you faced in the business: In business, there are lots of challenges. For example, even now due to the Coronavirus, people are facing the biggest challenges after the world economic crises but back at the time the biggest challenges for me were to select the right people; if you choose the wrong people everything can be messed up which you build through the years.

Do you have other businesses apart from this: I’m working on some projects at the moment. however, I wouldn’t want to say much about them until the time is right.

You’ve achieved quite a lot at a young age. So, what are your future plans, goals and aspirations: We are working directly with the Government to develop a tax clearance application for companies and individuals. The app will soon hit the market.

Digressing a bit into your personal life, what are your hobbies and pastime:  I am a family-oriented person so I love to spend my free time with my family. My hobbies are golfing and swimming; so that keeps me mentally and physically fit.

What advice do you have for young people and upcoming entrepreneurs: Have big dreams, it should be big but realistic, never listen to people who demotivate you. I’ll also advise people to do the things that make them happy, for when passion turns to profession, work becomes play. 

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