The Famous Martial Arts Instructor Wan Ye Comes Back with Glory, Believing that the Future Road of Wushu Inheritance Is Still Long

April 16 23:24 2020

Wan Ye is a Physical Education major of Chengdu Normal University and he is now 28 years old. Wan Ye was drawn to Chinese martial arts from his earliest years. By the age of sixteen, he systematically studied Chen Style Tai Chi in its cradle Chenjiagou. He was so hard on his own martial arts skills and constantly pursued perfection. So far, he has won numerous praises in martial arts routine, lion and dragon dance, nunchakus, Brazilian jujitsu, line dance, aerobics and other programs, which made him attract many fans and martial arts fans.


A handy tool makes a handyman. Wan Ye believes that Wushu is not only the display of external actions, but also the embodiment of the broad humanistic spirit. He has been always receiving the faith and successively won the second prize of traditional Wushu boxing in 2009 International Tai Chi Exchange Competition, the third prize of Tai Chi Chengdu Sunshine Students Competition in 2012, the first prize of group selection of China National Line Dance League Chengdu Area in 2013, the first prize of class II aerobic dance of National Fitness Exercise Competition Sichuan Area, and the first prize of class IV aerobic dance and many other honors.

Wan Ye pushes forward and challenges himself all the time. In July 2012, Wan Ye set up his own martial arts training class to teach Tai Chi course. In October 2012, he was hired as the Chinese martial arts instructor of the Experimental School Affiliated to Chengdu Normal University. In March 2014, Wan Ye was hired as the physical education teacher of Chengdu Zhonghe Vocational Middle School, and he was appointed as the martial arts instructor of Chengdu Hongwudao Culture Communication Co., Ltd. in 2015. Wan Ye was appointed as the martial arts instructor of Chengdu Huawudao Culture Communication Co., Ltd. in 2017. In the same year, he was employed as a Chinese martial arts instructor in the Second Experimental Primary School of Tianhui Town, Chengdu. At present, Wan Ye is the martial arts instructor of Chengdu Wuyue Martial Arts Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Chengdu Zhisheng Martial Arts Culture Communication Co., Ltd.


Wan Ye’s firm will and innovative spirit in martial arts training will lead martial arts trainees to calmly mount the steps of martial arts peak.

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