Inspiring Hip Hop Artist Jay Greene Releases New Single “Untitled”

September 15 15:57 2020
Inspiring Hip Hop Artist Jay Greene Releases New Single "Untitled"

Classic hip hop fans are going to want to pay attention. Jay Greene has a new track out called Untitled and it’s one of the best things hip hop has to offer in 2020. So many young rappers these days are relying too much on money, sex, and clout to fill the gaps in their lyrics. It shows in their music, which is why their songs are usually forgotten about as soon as they’re off the charts. 

Jay Greene does hip-hop music differently. He aims for quality over quantity, which is why Untitled is a song that’s going to be permanently on your playlist. Instead of trying to impress his audience by putting on a fake persona, Jay uses his beats to tell us a real story about who he is. The song starts off with him saying “My content ain’t about the streets. I didn’t grow up pushing keys.” So many artists are trying to put off a fake image to impress people, it’s refreshing to see an artist who is comfortable being their real self in front of the microphone.

Untitled begins with an easy beat that flows perfectly as the song goes on and picks up. It is a genuine sound that doesn’t rely on effects to sound good. “The day I fall off is the day I auto-tune my songs.” Jay seals his promise to only provide us with real music as long as he’s making it. During this track he goes into depth on how making music that’s real to him is more important than being signed by a big name label. 

Jay solidifies his commitment to his individuality in Untitled, leaving his fan base with the message that nothing is worth selling yourself out for. Music lovers respect a real artist, which is why this song is going to be blowing up on people’s playlists. With other artists focused on Twitter feuds and TMZ, Jay Greene is too busy making great music. It really shows in his sound, which is why he is an upcoming artist you will want to follow. 

If you haven’t heard Untitled yet, you should head over to Spotify and check it out:

Jay has a commitment to his sound that can’t be matched. If you are looking for another talented hip hop artist to add to your playlist, you won’t want to miss out on Jay Greene. To make sure you don’t miss anything, go follow his Instagram page:

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