Sirius Ventures Unlocks Innovation for Online Retail Businesses, D9 September 2020 – Sirius Ventures, a company harnessing Profitability and Scalability with Data-Driven Approaches and Techniques

September 26 01:00 2020

25 September, 2020 – Sirius Ventures, a company harnessing the power of data in online retail sales environments, is unlocking the future of business with data-driven, algorithm-based approaches that maximize processes from branding and launching to product selection. With a love for data, Sirius Ventures was founded with a single mission: to make scaling any online retail business simple and easy using proven processes, techniques, and resources to drive profitability.

Optimizing with data, Sirius Ventures shapes millions of unstructured data points into useful information for clients and their customers. Applying customer preferences, supply and demand analyses, and market trends to the ecommerce experience, Sirius Ventures manages to deliver a 21st-century approach to businesses in all stages of growth. Employing the latest models and algorithms, Sirius Ventures runs multi-scale simulations that calculate multiple key variables, pull in data, and consolidate information into success scores to create data-driven, actionable follow-up steps. Excelling in data-driven environments, Sirius Ventures employs modern day big data utilizations and predictive analysis to generate feedback loops for product launches and maximize profit.

Chris Chiu, a founder of Sirius Ventures, knew he needed to put this love for data to use when he stumbled across one statistic: online sellers and brands fail 90 percent of the time. Seeking to understand why, Chris realized there was no scientific or data-driven method to product picking in ecommerce, leading to subjective decision-making that cost businesses profit. Recognizing big data and technology are widely underestimated online, Chris and his team quickly developed a hypothesis and working method using big data, and the Sirius Ventures algorithm was soon perfected after several iterations. Today, it continues to drive sales and profits for businesses worldwide, achieving exponential growth in all spaces online.

As of 2020, the pioneering Sirius Algorithm has had an over 85 percent success rate of profitable launched products. On a mission to increase the success rate to as close to 100 percent as possible, Sirius Ventures is constantly refining and improving its algorithm, processes, and techniques with the latest innovations in the ecommerce industry, and driving brands and online retail businesses the information and data they need to succeed for their customers day in and day out.

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Sirius Ventures is an ecommerce branding and optimization company, and the pioneer of the revolutionary Sirius Algorithm. Driving profitability to online retail businesses worldwide, Sirius Ventures was co-founded by Chris Chiu to help brands and online sellers succeed in the competitive online marketplace using data-driven approaches and techniques often underutilized or ignored.

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