New Website Builder Surfable Asks, “How Fast Is Fast Enough?”

October 07 13:21 2020
New Website Builder Surfable Asks, "How Fast Is Fast Enough?"

Toronto, ON – Simply put, research shows that if your website takes longer than three seconds to load, 53% of visitors will abandon your website. This means half your effort is wasted, and half your budget, too. Wasted, because your website takes too long to load and your potential clients or consumers move on to something else. Designed for speed, the Surfable website builder dramatically decreases bounce rates and reduces the friction of developing and designing a high-performing website.

In answer to our own question, “How fast is fast enough?” – Surfable is fast enough! Contact the website builder company, Surfable, in Toronto, Canada, for a website speed test.

Mohammad Aamir, creator and founder of the Surfable platform explains further, “There is absolutely no doubt that download speed is a crucial factor for both bounce rates and search rankings. We have all known this for some time, and at Surfable we have tackled the problem head-on, with a website builder that has been engineered for speed.”

The Surfable website builder platform is designed with speed in mind from back-end development to download speed and the front-end experience. That’s why it’s also built around the concept of the “Content Journey,” a frictionless user flow that website builders can design to drive prospects and clients through their engagement funnel, with embedded analytics to track performance.

Aamir explains, “Surfable has speed and efficiency at its core, and for us, speed has many aspects. Download speed is important, but so is the way visitors navigate our sites. With the notion of “Content Journeys,” you can build a logical and responsive path with the Surfable platform. The result is that consumers go through their decision-making process more quickly – another way that Surfable delivers speed.

The Surfable website builder is designed to meet the needs of website owners, independent developers/designers, and also agencies with clients of their own. To bolster speed in the development process, Surfable works with and uses tools from the best tech in the industry including Go, Hugo, Erlang, SnowPlow, and GitHub, and is at the forefront of this robust and vibrant open source community. In fact, this sense of community distinguishes Surfable from some others in this category.

Aamir comments, “What we do is provide a lightning-fast and frictionless website builder that reduces the frustration of slow browsing, halves speed-related bounce rate and doubles digital ROI. But who we are is just as important to us. We want to create an inclusive Surfer Community in which all our partners, clients, and employees want to help all Surfers reach their full potential. People wanted to join us even before we had launched, and we are looking forward to welcoming many more.”

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