HackNotice Launched First Company-Wide Threat Intelligence Platform – HackNotice Teams

October 07 21:46 2020

As cybercrime around the world is at its peak, people are looking for some trustworthy solutions to prevent data theft. In view of ongoing security threats, HackNotice announced the launch of its new cybersecurity management platform – HackNotice Teams. It is believed to be the first most solution in the industry to establish a company-wide security culture. This new software tool is developed on the premium technology of HackNotice, and it is capable enough to alert employees regarding data breaches, compromised information and other vulnerabilities in real-time. HackNotice has the immense potential to protect millions of companies and unlimited employees from vendor risk and frauds online.

By analyzing the current habits of the employees and the ignorance rate for risks, HackNotice Teams can create detailed analytics on which employees or departments are at major risk of cyberattacks. These critical insights help company security teams to plan adequate preventive and protective measures for the target vulnerable areas. Other than this, employees can also have their own dashboards where they can observe insights about expected risks. As a result, the employees and security teams can take collaborative action to prevent threats in the organization.

As the world is affected by the coronavirus pandemic, almost 27 million records were exposed during the first half of the year 2020. The count is very high as compared to the records exposed during 2019. Moreover, most of the people these days are working from home; many other security risks have surfaced in the business industry. Hackers are looking for new ways to attack people that are working online. In this scenario, HackNotice Teams can help employees set up personalized watchlists to monitor frequently visited websites. The real-time alerts available on the personalized dashboard can help them to take necessary actions before the valuable data is compromised or stolen.

HackNotice Teams offer actionable recovery solutions along with necessary steps that they need to follow to avoid risks. With this, the security departments can also identify employees that require additional support. Furthermore, companies can also choose incentives for employees depending upon the security hygiene they follow online. HackNotice Teams can serve companies with an additional layer of security while reducing the workload for IT departments.

About HackNotice:

HackNotice is a threat intelligence provider that helps consumers and businesses identify and protect against potential risks and respond to hacks through real-time alerts, around the clock monitoring, and actionable recovery recommendations. Indexing up to a quarter of a billion records each day, HackNotice provides users with the information and visibility they need to protect their digital identities. Founded in 2018, HackNotice is based in Austin, TX.

For more information, visit www.hacknotice.com.

In order to know more about this new software solution, we recently asked a few questions from experts at HackNotice.

Q. What inspired you to create such a company-wide safety solution?

A. The current model for security isn’t working, where you give intelligence to only the security team, only the security team is responsible for securing the company, and when that naturally doesn’t work, you fire someone in security.  The only way to fight the constant threat of hacker attacks is by constantly informing all employees as to how hackers are targeting them, and having all employees help fight off those attacks.  The primary cause of data breaches is people and for a people based problem you need a people solution.  That’s why we made a company-wide security service, to increase security awareness and have every employee be a part of the solution.

Q. How many companies need to invest to avail services from the HackNotice Teams platform?

A. All companies should be investing in security awareness.  With the rise of ransomware, companies large and small are targeted.  When all it takes is one employee clicking on the wrong link or reusing the wrong password to cripple your systems, all companies should make security awareness a priority.  However, getting employees to be actively engaged in security awareness and reducing their risk is difficult, which is why we made HackNotice Teams.

Q. Is it a feasible and affordable solution for small businesses?

A. Absolutely, HackNotice Teams scales per employee, so companies large and small can take advantage of our services for just a few dollars a month per employee.  It’s a low price to pay for turning every employee in a security hero, on guard for attacks and working to protect themselves and the company.

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