Enyware: The Ultimate Ergonomic Seat Transforming Posture and Habit for Zero-Stress Seating

November 05 05:54 2020

Enyware is an innovative smart seat that effortlessly creates the right sitting posture to avoid pain problems arising from poor postures.

Around 65 million Americans report back pain incidents, and one of the major factors behind these pain issues is poor posture and bad sitting habits. But here comes the good news – Singapore-based Astride Bionix has recently launched a breakthrough Smart Seat on Kickstarter, which promises to track and correct posture to bid farewell to all kinds of posture-related pain problems. Titled “Enyware Smart Seat,” the seat is designed to create a “Zero-Stress posture” to ensure ergonomic seating anywhere.

The FIRST-of-its-kind, the Enyware Smart Seat uses design elements from aerospace wearable robotics (exoskeleton), combined with the latest knowledge in ergonomics to create the desired “Zero-stress” posture for users. Once they sit in Enyware, their spine is automatically stacked in the ideal S-shape – while the body stays balanced, upright, with back muscles conveniently relaxed.

“As per the doctors, you know you are sitting right when your spine forms an ‘S’ shape. People are hardly aware of the right posture for sitting, and most of us don’t have the right resources to maintain the ideal posture. It leads to the dangerous ‘C’ shaped formation in the spine, which is a significant cause behind the alarming numbers of back pain, shoulder pain, or neck pain these days. This is where our patent-pending posture shaper design in Enyware Smart Seat will come to your rescue”, stated Krittanai, Co-Founder @Astride Bionix.

Enyware is easily portable and can be placed on any chair, sofa or even on the floor. While a person sits in the Smart Seat, Enyware applies the right amount of force from its dual lumber to roll up the user’s pelvis. Simultaneously, the ergonomic seat lifts the front of the chest gently into a power pose. This effortlessly creates a neutral S-shape spine while eliminating problems like slouching – something one can barely expect with regular chairs. This unique approach keeps the spine in an relaxed yet upright posture, where only a very minimal muscle force will be needed to maintain the ideal balance.

“One of the best things about Enyware is that it never locks the user’s body in one particular posture, and you have the flexibility to carry on your activities smoothly. Even when you bend forward our smart seat will continuously work to reduce the load on the spine, support your body, and will take you back to the zero-stress posture whenever required.”

The Smart Seat is accompanied by a detachable dynamic armrest, which supports the user’s body. The armrest is easily customizable and lets people rest their elbows at the ideal height to reinforce the needed zero-stress posture and creates a healthy eye level while working or playing.

“We will not only help you to attain zero-stress posture but will also enable you to develop good sitting habits even when you are not using Enyware. We have integrated a sensor into the smart seat to serve as your personal habit coach. Moreover, apart from zero-stress sitting, our sensor will even enable you to attain a zero-stress state of mind through breathing rate monitoring. Bringing such advanced technology to consumer can be challenging and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring Enyware Smart Seat to life and makes life better for all.” 

Backers will be rewarded with handy discounts on Enyware Smart Seat. To show your support for the campaign, please visit their Kickstarter here.

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