Bunnies Pro Vertical Jump Program Delivers Promising Athletic Performance

November 05 07:15 2020
Bunnies Pro is the world’s #1 jump program that can boost vertical jump and speed within weeks!

Bunnies Pro recognizes the vertical jump as a useful exercise that builds endurance, explosive power, and overall athleticism. It is a standard in measuring an athlete’s power output. This exercise program is not only effective in preparing an athlete to excel in a vertical jump test but can also be used to assess an athletes’ state of recovery before undergoing a weight-training, speed, or practice session.

Vertical prowess has been shown to be vital in every sport. Whether it is basketball, football, volleyball, or some other sport; the ability to jump high improves athletic performance and shows athletic competence. Bunnies Pro’s goal is to bring out that level of excellence in all of its members. In just a matter of weeks, members of the jump program will see a marked improvement in their vertical jump, speed, and overall athleticism.

Three main courses are part of the Bunnies Pro Athletic Program: Bunnies Pro 9 Week Program, Bunnies Pro 4 Week Program and Bunnies Pro Volleyball Edition. Bunnies Pro 4 Week Program is a specialized jump program and is being offered for free to jumpstart members’ athletic training. The Bunnies Pro 9-Week Jump Program provides members with schedules, techniques, and workouts designed to increase vertical jump capability and overall athleticism. Lastly, but definitely not least, the Bunnies Pro Volleyball Edition is a 9 Week Volleyball Jump Program with three phases, all specifically designed to increase an athlete’s vertical jump.

Studies reveal that a good vertical jump for men is at least 24 inches. For women, the standard goal is 20 inches. Team sports vary when it comes to vertical jump average. A regular college basketball player measures between 27 to 30 inches, while a regular college football player measures between 29 to 31 inches. Volleyball players have a higher average. The elite players can measure between 32 inches to 38 inches per jump.

Anything is possible with dedication and the Bunnies Pro Athletic Programs. Members are speaking out about its effectiveness, and their results – “Yes. My legs feel so much stronger, I got a two-handed dunk. Before I never could do this, mentally I feel like I can go up and destroy the rim every time! I’ve never seen a program that’s like this before.” – Jordan, Bunnies Pro Member

Bunnies Pro is dedicated to increasing an athlete’s vertical jump, speed, and overall athleticism. Real people go through the nine-week program to excel at basketball, volleyball, or football, and they see real results.

More information can be found at https://bunniespro.com/.

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