Angel Skates Redefines Skating for Next-Gen Skaters

November 11 03:33 2020
Angel Skates Redefines Skating for Next-Gen Skaters
Angel Skates takes the skating experience on a whole new level with its products

Since the pandemic affected the operation of gyms and yoga studios, people started to look for other ways to get their regular dose of exercise. Skating, which is considered a sport, recreational activity, and a mode of transportation, has been one of the top choices that people opted to try. And they have loved it since then.

Now, the demand for roller skates and protective gear has surged. Angel Skates, a family-owned business that has been providing quality roller skates years before the pandemic started, is filling the demand of the new generation of skaters.

Angel Skates roller skates, the hottest roller skates in 2020, have two kinds: the classic quad skate and the stylish squad skate. Both come in various colors and are great for indoors and outdoors use. They also feature high top profile rink pattern boots that provide great support for the ankles and an easy lacing system to adjust the fit. For the classic quad skates, the color of the wheels may be changed according to what’s available on the wheel color list; while the stylish squad skates have battery-operated LED bulbs in the wheels that light up when the wheels are rolling.

Skating started as a hobby in the 1930s and became a craze in the 1970s. Now, it’s back in the limelight. Today, skating has become a fun and enjoyable way to escape the stress of the pandemic, as well as a means to get a daily dose of exercise.

Redefine your skating experience with Angel Skates. Visit to find out how.

About Angel Skates

Angel Skates started as a humble Etsy online shop offering roller skates. The brand established its e-commerce website on May 11, 2020 to give way to more customers during the pandemic. The family-owned business is based in Raleigh, North Carolina, but has teams from all over the world that help manufacture their competitive products.

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