Founder of F.A.R.M.S., Jillian Hishaw, Releases New Book “Systematic Land Theft”

November 10 23:34 2020
Agricultural Lawyer and Author Writes About the History of Land Theft in the U.S.

Atlanta, GA – November 11, 2020 – For over 15 years, pioneering agricultural attorney Jillian Hishaw has devoted countless hours and resources to sustaining small, independent farms particularly the shrinking acreage owned by aging Black farmers. Jillian Hishaw is out to draw attention to the land issue concerning black agriculturists.

In her latest book, “Systematic Land Theft,” released on November 7, 2020, Hishaw explores the concept of land ownership and statehood.  Hishaw provides an infinite amount of knowledge to the reader about the history of settlement, conservation, and land theft. Starting the writing process 13 years ago, Hishaw’s depth of professional experience has enriched the book’s writing, offering the reader more perspective about policies.  

With over 1,000 citations in the book, readers will learn historical facts about the lineage of land theft in the U.S.  From European Settlement, Post-Reconstruction to the present, whites own over 95% of farmland, and Blacks owning less than one percent is only by design. Each chapter consists of a summary and questions to be utilized as a textbook.  The inclusion of case studies personalizes the outline of policies, statistics, and case law into real stories of indigenous racism.

Hishaw is the Founding Director of the Family Agriculture Resources Management Services, or F.A.R.M.S., a legal nonprofit organization that helps farmers and landowners retain land for future use of next-generation farmers. Hishaw’s first book, Don’t Bet the Farm on Medicaid, available on Amazon, examines how U.S. long-term care facilities can exercise their federal authority to place a lien on a resident’s property, forcing the sale if an outstanding debt is owed.  

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Jillian Hishaw has been lauded by many for compiling the book “Systematic Land Theft” with verifiable facts. The author’s quest to fill the gap in history as taught in schools has been appreciated by keen readers. The new book is already accumulating positive recommendations as show below:

“Highly informative book that unmasks little known details about appalling aspects of America’s history of land expropriation.  This is required reading.” – E. Lewis

“The book is really eye-opening, I feel like I was briefed on hidden history. It shows how people will do anything to fit in, as opposed to following a moral compass…” – Tashi Terry, Law Advocate and Daughter of a Black Farmer, Owner of Perfectly Brown

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