NINA MONA: A Touchstone for Equity and Inclusivity in Fashion

November 25 08:12 2020
NINA MONA: A Touchstone for Equity and Inclusivity in Fashion

One would not be wrong if they thought fashion to be a language. And like any language, it lends credence to our identity and the expression of ourselves and our ideas. Now could you imagine a world of myriad languages, and yet no one spoke the same language as you. How many conversations would die unspoken? How lonesome and out of place would we feel? Surprisingly enough, this is the reality and struggle of many people for whom the current trend of enforced beauty standards and mainstream sizing shows them that no one is listening.

This is the main reason NINA MONA places significant attention on custom orders to ensure that customers are receiving a product that fits them, especially clients in the artistic community. NINA MONA is an up-and-coming fashion brand with a heavy influence from the music scene as the founder, Michael Nguyen, is a DJ. The brand was created to push towards more equitable and inclusive standards within the industry after realizing that many people in society were not recognized. The uniqueness of the company is due to the fact that it was created to be a brand that will inevitably serve and collaborate with the artistic community. By connecting models, photographers, videographers, designers, and other artists together, its goal is to build a self-sustaining ecosystem with one-of-a-kind designs that will help individuals thrive in their craft.

Aside from providing original designs, NINA MONA is pushing to be more than just another clothing company; building a brand and platform as a monument to inspire dreams and the drive to go after them. The fashion brand prides itself on its goal-oriented and growth mindset that focuses on improving our products, processes, and values every day. It resists the concept that impels people to struggle against other artists or brands and instead advocates being people-focused rather than trend-driven.

“We have a different perspective on ‘competition,’ mainly being that the only people we are trying to outdo constantly is ourselves,” says Michael Nguyen.

The current fashion landscape makes it easy for plus-size individuals to feel underserved, making it hard to find clothes that fit their body type properly and express their personality and lifestyle. NINA MONA holds the belief, “look good, feel good, do good.” This is born out of its desire that everyone be the best version of themselves. The brand hopes to play its part in helping people feel more confident about themselves by inspiring a community that values equity and inclusion, not only good aesthetics.

“Having to shop at the husky section was already embarrassing enough, but leaving the store without being able to find something that fit was really crushing to myself, my confidence.” – Michael adds.

At NINA MONA, no one gets left behind. From college students to young adults, artists ranging from singers, DJs, rappers, and designers to entrepreneurs who aim to push for their own passions and dreams. This brand understands that everyone has a voice, ensuring that every spoken ‘language’ is heard.

Creating strong relationships and a sense of community with their supporters is one of the primary motivations at NINA MONA. With the COVID-19 pandemic, it is apparent that the artistic community has been hit hard in certain ways, such as venues and studios having to close. Many freelance artists have been forced to pivot or change their ventures to get through these times. NINA MONA has donated money towards rent relief for college students, assisting community members with groceries, and donating clothes to those who need them. It continues to try and uplift the community by giving back through forms of charity and mentorship.

NINA MONA aims to inspire the younger generation in hopes that we all can band together to create and push towards positive change and growth in the coming years. To be able to bring people together in a time where we are so distant. To showcase the impact of art to the world in a tasteful yet boundary-pushing manner through fashion.

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