Mozocare, the Marketplace for Global Healthcare and Medical Travel, Grows in Popularity

November 25 07:04 2020

November 24, 2020 – Obtaining professional medical care at chosen hospitals around the world is possible without incurring exorbitant fees and expenditure. The curated marketplace of reputed hospitals and clinics around the world, Mozocare is delivering access to medical care across over 200 global destinations. 

Access to medical procedures and surgeries around the world is available through Mozocare with a few simple clicks. Select the procedure, find out the premium hospitals offering the selected treatment, and ask for a quote or book the procedure. Mozocare takes care of the rest, from planning the trip and accommodation to after-care. 

Since its founding in 2014, Mozocare has attracted great interest from people all over the world, who are eager to find out where they could get the best treatment possible. Popular searches include Cancer Treatments, Chemotherapy, Bone Marrow Transplant, Liver and Kidney Transplant, Hip and Knee Replacement, CABG, Cranioctomy and Bariatric surgery. 

We get a treatment program within 4-24 hours after registering your request. Our highly experienced and supportive team has delivered absolute satisfaction to medical travelers. Maintaining price transparency is one of the key elements of Mozocare,” said a spokesperson for Mozocare. 

As a marketplace for hospitals, Mozocare has a wide portfolio of global hospitals to choose from, with insightful rankings and ratings to help make a decision. Patients and relatives can choose their hospital, destination or doctors. The Mozocare team is available round the clock for assistance with visa, hotel stay, medicines, lab work, flight bookings and post-treatment care. A 24-hour assistant makes this a reliable platform to search and book a medical treatment. Mozocare does not charge hidden fees or commissions. 

With offline support in 10+ languages, Mozocare takes care of international clients so as they don’t face language hassles. There is free access to ample information and price transparency. Patients can thus figure out the total cost of treatment beforehand. Another unique feature is the patient access program for medicines related to cancer and life-saving drugs. 

Mozocare is specially designed to blend medical travel, international assistance, healthcare and lab work, and lifesaving medicine distribution, as well as health equipment intermediary supply. Lifesaving drugs for cancer and Hepatitis B&C are available for delivery to the patient’s location if not available in their country and at an affordable price.


Mozocare is a medical access platform for hospitals and clinics to assist patients accessing best medical care at affordable prices. Mozocare Insights provides chemotherapy drug information, health news, latest treatment innovation, hospital ranking and knowledge sharing. 

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