Jerremiah James Launched as Eco-Conscious Peer-to-Peer Retailer Aiming to Spread Awareness

December 02 12:57 2020
Jerremiah James Launched as Eco-Conscious Peer-to-Peer Retailer Aiming to Spread Awareness
Brand Embraces Circularity in Fashion as “The New Black”

ATLANTA – DECEMBER 2, 2020 – Jerry Buckner has created a new standard for consumers of luxury fashion in one of the most dynamic and thriving epicenters in the country.

Buckner, founder of Jerrimiah James, has been in the fashion industry for over 10 years and has navigated the realm of high-end retail, moving within circles of influence and affluence. While outfitting the lifestyles of an upscale clientele including entrepreneurs, high profile actors, actresses, models, music artists and well-known athletes, Buckner gained an acute awareness of the connection between a steady increase in sales of designer garments and the subsequent discarding of those garments. Buckner realized how significantly a “single-use” wardrobe item contributes to the global waste problem. The textile industry, Buckner discovered, uses an incredible amount of non-renewable resources to produce clothing that is eventually lost to landfill and incineration. Additionally, nearly 93 billion cubic meters of water annually and 20% of global industrial water pollution can be attributed to the dyeing and treatment of textile products.

The over-consumption and underutilization of clothing led to Buckner’s founding of Jerrimiah James which creates a new standard for conscientious consumers by providing the opportunity for luxury shopping resale and rental. As a membership resale and rental fashion service, Jerrimiah James caters to Atlanta-based influencers, artists and creatives. This format emphasizes garment sharing through a platform that introduces a meeting of both the minds and style.

“I had never given it thought before and, that was concerning because I find that the things that often cause the most damage are the things that we do thoughtlessly. Our vision of a planet as beautiful as the fashion we wear is a real possibility if we bridge the gap by creating circularity in our use of apparel,” states Buckner. “Circularity is the new black!”  

Through this peer to peer e-commerce wardrobe platform, Buckner introduces the street fashion individual and environmental enthusiast, an opportunity for consumers to choose the pieces that will make the experience a lasting one and a sustainable solution for the planet.

In 2020 Jerrimiah James was named as a finalist in The Fashion Group International’s 24th Annual Rising Star Awards’ “New Retail Concept” category.

About Jerrimiah James:

Jerrimiah James is built on a solid foundation weighted by the idea that designer fashion can be responsibly recycled through sharing. The state-of-the-art showroom, open to clients exclusively by appointment, is located in Atlanta, GA. Part of Jerrimiah James’ mission is to develop marketing campaigns for consigners and renters, create additional retail stores and showrooms and to design relevant community initiatives.

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