Teleworkers must use VPN claims PrivacyInTheNetwork

December 04 01:39 2020
Teleworkers must use VPN claims PrivacyInTheNetwork

December 3, 2020 – PrivacyInTheNetwork, a Japanese company with a long history in internet security, has recently stated that the use of VPNs at home by anyone that doesn’t have to commute is of great importance. This was said in order to protect the companies as much as their employees online.

“Using a VPN has recently proven mandatory to all that want to secure the sensitive company data online,” says Himeji Takeda, a head-researcher at the PrivacyInTheNetwork cyber lab. He also adds that “using VPNs would protect the said data from various kinds of cyber-criminals”.

In recent months, as the SARS-CoV2, better known as coronavirus crisis keeps being far from resolved, some companies have implemented rules that allow their employees to work from their houses and apartments. This was not the perceived convenience only by the employees, cutting out the commute time, but also to hackers and other cybercriminals that can easily penetrate the firewall and other defenses available at home PCs, easily succeeding in stealing and manipulating the private and company information stored on the at-home-employees’ devices, including various authentication and log-in information. This has brought a rise of successful cyber-criminal activity, according to PrivacyInTheNetwork Japan.

For this reason, many companies have already started preparing and implementing VPN service on their employees’ PCs at home in order to bring the risk of cyber-attacks on their precious data to a minimum. In order to protect the company’s sensitive information, those who did not get a VPN from their employer are also urged to acquire a VPN service.

VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a service that provides various kinds of benefits online, including security. By changing the IP address, or giving the internet user a virtual IP address, that user is safe to freely use different web services while being protected from tracking and other kinds of invasive cyber-criminal where the personal information can be in jeopardy of abuse, unwanted public display, alteration and editing, and other types of misuse. So, privacy in this sense means that any activity cannot be tracked back to the device used, nor the users themselves, with an exception of the company that provides the VPN service, as they keep the logs.

The good news for anyone that likes binging TV shows and movies is that the VPN brings benefits to the use of streaming services, opening content regardless of the one available in their home country. On Netflix or Amazon Prime, for example, certain aspects of the streaming service are withdrawn in certain countries, so people in Japan don’t have the same content as those in the US, and vice versa. By using a VPN, Netflix or Amazon Prime users can hook on the right server placed in a country and region with different copyright rules, allowing the user to watch the movies and series unavailable in their home country, without any extra fees or responsibilities aside from the ones that were made by the VPN provider.

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