VPNveteran.com Expands Globally to Expand Worldwide Service

December 04 01:51 2020
VPNveteran.com Expands Globally to Expand Worldwide Service

December 3, 2020 – VPNVeteran.com, an online privacy company has announced expansion into a number of new markets in recent weeks. Providing information regarding the dangers of cybersecurity and reviewing and prompting software such as VPNs, this firm has pushed its operations into over half a dozen new countries.   

Having already established themselves in English speaking countries such as the UK, USA, and Australia, VPNVeteran.com is now a viable resource for users in newer markets such as Spain, Italy, Turkey, Portugal, Japan, Poland, and the Netherlands. The company hopes that spreading its wings and opening up the doors to new audiences will allow them to strengthen their reputation and expand their brand.

A senior advisor for VPNVeteran.com went on record by saying “It has been an exciting but also a busy time for our team at VPNVeteran in recent weeks. We are dedicated to making our experience, knowledge, and skills available to as many people as possible and these expansions allow us to do that”. He added “We take online security seriously and want to spread the word about the many dangers we face when online. In our opinion, the best way to stay protected is by using a VPN – something we have extensive knowledge about

The VPNVeteran.com website has had to undergo a number of changes to accommodate this push into new markets. A major task was to translate all website content into the new languages required to accommodate the potential influx of new visitors. This meant hiring translators from a number of different regions to join their team. Additionally, all new content will have to be written in these languages, so new writers, researchers, and reviewers were hired too.

A recently hired translator had this to say about his new opportunity “I am thrilled to be given the chance to help such a renowned online security resource in VPNVeteran. I was an avid reader of their content and was lucky enough to have a firm grasp of the English language. I now get to help others from my country by translating that content into Spanish”.

It will be interesting to see how this expansion into new markets goes for VPNVeteran. Though a challenge, the company believes they have the team and skill set required to firmly establish themselves and enhance their image in the new countries they have moved operations to. Though not planned immediately, VPNVeteran also admitted to having further plans to expand into a number of new countries in early 2021.

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