Cosmetologist Tracey Hardaway provides insight on next steps for new beauty professionals

January 22 02:42 2021
Tracey Hardaway and Company provides next steps coaching to new beauty professionals fresh out of beauty school.

Tracey Hardaway is a licensed cosmetologist and the next steps coach to aspiring beauty professionals entering the beauty industry. Her from Beauty School To Boss program provides concepts, principles, tools, and resources to help beauty professionals start their careers with confidence and command top dollar straight out of beauty school.

The inspiration and understanding behind this coaching program is to help new beauty professionals. They are often advised to start their careers as junior stylists, assistants, and shampoo technicians, etc. This is something that causes them to struggle in order to make a living or support their family. This is the reason this new coaching service is needed.  It will help them start their careers with the right tools to command above-average rates from day one and avoid the trap of starting in a lower paying position. When a new professional has to work their way up, it often leads to discouragement, disappointment, and sometimes is forced to quit the industry which is why Tracey Hardaway’s coaching is imperative for fresh beauty professionals.

As an entrepreneur, Tracey offers a number of important elements such as training and workshops, salon leasing, online courses, as well as coaching. She teaches beauty professionals to not just independent salon ownership but also how to take their unique skills and services to create revenue streams that extend beyond the salon. In terms of training and workshops, Tracey teaches advanced hair techniques as well basic computer skills that help professionals grow beyond the chair.

According to Tracey herself, she states that “Sometimes you just need some advice. I love sharing what God has given me by providing answers to beauty professionals who are trying to figure out their next move. I want to help you get clear about the business of YOU and how to set the standard of your customers.” As someone with a lot of experience, she wants to share all of her lessons learned, research, successes, and failures with aspiring beauty professionals, so just like her, they can also pursue bigger dreams.

In many circumstances, new fresh out of beauty school professionals are worrying, struggling, and wondering if they have what it takes to make it big. Sometimes they spend a majority of their crucial years waiting for a breakthrough in their business, but it never really happens. Tracey Hardaway encourages beauty professionals to believe in themselves and to ask for help.   In her book, “From Beauty School to Boss” Tracey share her story and provides principles, concepts, and strategies to getting paid top dollar STRAIGHT OUT OF BEAUTY SCHOOL

Not only can she be a coach, but she can also help beauty professionals find a niche and grow their business. Even when students pass with good grades, get their license, are creative and talented in their line of work does not necessarily mean that they have what it takes to develop a successful business.  Coaching in terms of what to do next in a professional career is always a good decision and is common practice for other industries.  Tracey Hardaway is providing this resource to the new professionals entering the beauty industry.

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