Musician Mr MooQ Brings Nostalgia and Contemporary Together With His New Song “No One”

January 26 04:30 2021
Musician Mr MooQ Brings Nostalgia and Contemporary Together With His New Song "No One"

People aren’t just born with talents. Growing up, they extensively nurture their talent and strengthen their passion. However, at some point, everyone is faced with the dilemma of choosing between a stable career or pursuing their passion. For EDM artist Mr MooQ, it was no debate which one he would focus on.

Growing up, Mr MooQ always felt a strong bond with music and often incorporated it into everything he did. In high school, he and some of his friends started a band and played wherever they were allowed. Upon graduating, Mr MooQ was certain that his career was in the music industry, and decided to move to where most musicians went to establish their brand, Los Angeles. 

Once he arrived there, Mr MooQ slept in his car so he could use his money to pay for studio time. He met with a lot of veteran professional musicians, playing alongside them and learning more about the industry and how he could improve himself.

The young musician would then return home and incorporate his knowledge with a group he created called The New Occupants. Along with the group, Mr MooQ delved into electro dance music. They produced several dance tunes that earned them international fame. Although The New Occupants was successful, Mr MooQ felt unfulfilled as his dream was to extend his musical composition beyond a single genre. He found himself drawn into studio production as it provided him the opportunity to develop music in various formats and purposes. 

Mr MooQ decided to give it a try, and he found great success. Awards, opportunities, and collaborations started flooding in. Production talents sought him out. But still, the artist felt something was still missing. He decided to look back to his youth for inspiration. Mr MooQ realized that the missing component was the development of full songs from his early days.

Since then, the artist has been able to find his footing and passion for writing love songs. He composes old-fashioned music and occasionally contemporary, pulling emotions from his experiences. Mr MooQ writes thought-provoking lyrics that are sung with a different spin and combines beautiful melodies with powerful grooves. While his production tends to vary and the beats change, each song tells a story with an ink written from the heart.

His song “No One” is a love song with both meaning and character. It is a narrative that introduces listeners to someone admitting that they don’t have the wealth and fame to offer from this world but instead offers the intangible, like their heart, honesty, honor, and true love. The song is a hybrid genre that brings EDM-lite, synth, and pop together to create a unique, passionate, and witty sound. No One brings a sense of nostalgia in its entire composition. Mr MooQ posted the official video on YouTubewhich features him singing in a studio with a color palette that takes listeners back to the 80s.

To learn more about Mr MooQ, you may visit his website. You can also reach out to him through Facebookor Instagram. His songs can be found on Spotify.

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