“Roadmap to Marketing Success” Reveals Pragmatic Marketing and Go-to-Market Steps for Every Business in 2021

February 16 00:21 2021
"Roadmap to Marketing Success" Reveals Pragmatic Marketing and Go-to-Market Steps for Every Business in 2021

There are many marketing books and philosophies around, but few tackle the most critical question: what should one do on a Monday morning after turning on the office lights? Marketing and customer success expert Maurice Hofmann answers this and all practical marketing issues in his recently published masterpiece, “Roadmap to Marketing Success for Start-ups, Product Launches, or Career Changers.”

In 2021, a different reality stares in the faces of start-up entrepreneurs, marketers, and business owners. They must learn how to reach the audience with the right messaging. “Roadmap to Marketing Success” does precisely this, showing the first ten or so steps one must take to kick-start the marketing initiative. The work also tackles the marketing doubts and worries that everyone has harbored at some time or another.

Maurice focuses on “pragmatic marketing that works” as the core principle. Among the subjects, the marketing manual and guide addresses the challenges for marketers in 2021, and goes on to reveal the steps required to create a go-to-market campaign, and elaborates on strategies, segmentation, and communication, content marketing, social media, and more. 

In my book, you will obtain the operational know-how required to turn strategy into actionable items. You will thus be able to significantly increase your speed-to-market and reduce losses from trial and error,” says Maurice.

The book not only covers the first fundamental steps in marketing one’s product or venture but also what to do after the launch is over, or the first campaign has run its course. Included are workbook sections where readers can apply thei Hofmann.

Further exercises and concepts are available for the reader on the official NYC Marketing Academy website.

The strategies, tips, and tactics stay away from marketing jargon or a one-size-fits-all approach. As a marketing resource, the book offers the tools needed to approach one’s own marketing goals with a strategic bent of mind. This marketing approach also translates into avoiding burning cash and being able to pay the bills. 

Maurice Hofmann co-founded a marketing agency while still in his early twenties and then more companies in his thirties. After selling one of these, he joined Open-Xchange, where he currently works as VP – Customer Success and Business Intelligence. His role includes developing class-leading strategies for large ISPs for their go-to-market and product launches across the world. Maurice founded NYC Marketing Academy on observing heavy demand from start-ups for advice and consulting. He was also i

nspired to write “Roadmap to Marketing Success” to share pragmatic advice to start-ups, career changers, and anyone looking to launch a new product.

Roadmap to Marketing Success for Start-ups, Product Launches, or Career Changers” is available from Amazon in Kindle and paperback editions.

For more information, please visit: https://nycmarketingacademy.com

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