Many New Home Appliances Require Dedicated Circuits

February 16 10:39 2021
Many New Home Appliances Require Dedicated Circuits

While modern home appliance circuits are usually set up to handle higher electrical capacities, according to information from the NEC – National Electrical Code – larger appliances, and some smaller ones, will require their own dedicated circuit for operation. Local electric codes are typically based on the NEC; however, there may be more stringent requirements in place, as well.

Since larger appliances and some heat-producing devices require higher wattage for operation, they may require more current than general-use circuits can handle safely. Knowing which appliances require a dedicated circuit will help ensure that the appliance runs safely and smoothly.

Appliances to Check On

While it is possible to learn more from Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating & Air about dedicated circuits, it is also possible to learn more by looking at each appliance’s information plate or sticker to find out what the wattage is.

A general rule to follow is that any appliances or electronics that have been rated for 1,000 watts or more will probably require the use of a dedicated circuit. This is especially true if the item is going to be running for long periods of time, according to For example, if a 1,800-watt hairdryer is only used for few minutes, then it will not require the use of a dedicated circuit. However, if there is a 1,800-watt fireplace that is going to be used for several hours, it will likely need one.

The next step is to check the electrical regulations. If it is time to upgrade circuits, be sure to work with a licensed electrician, like the team at They can let a homeowner know if these upgrades are needed.

Kitchen Appliances That May Require a Dedicated Circuit

There are several appliances in the kitchen that may require a dedicated circuit. This includes the dishwasher, stove, garbage disposal, freezer, refrigerator, and air fryers. The wattage used for each of these will vary from one model to the next. As a result, for some of the items that are listed above, the use of a dedicated circuit may be considered optional. Usually, it will depend on the duration and frequency of use.

Laundry Room Appliances That May Require a Dedicated Circuit

In the laundry room, an electric washer and dryer may require a dedicated circuit. It is necessary to install a circuit of at least 20 amps. If a homeowner is using a gas dryer, then the washing machine and dryer can be plugged into the same outlet. However, if an electric dryer is being used, it will require a dedicated 20-amp, 220-volt circuit.

Talk to an Electrician to Learn More

When it comes to electrical services, there are more than a few factors to consider. Take some time to keep the information here in mind and speak to an electrician to make sure the desired results are achieved. Being informed and knowing what to expect from an electrician is necessary. With the information here, it will be clear that installing dedicated circuits is a smart move.

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