Cytta Corp. (Stock Symbol: CYCA) Delivers High Performance Video Solutions with Sales to Military and Civilian Customers

February 20 08:42 2021
Cytta Corp. (Stock Symbol: CYCA) Delivers High Performance Video Solutions with Sales to Military and Civilian Customers

Plans for Upgrade to a Fully Reporting ’34 Act Company    

  • Supplier of Advanced Technology Video Systems with Real Time Options.

  • Wide Applications for Both Military and Civilian Users. 

  • Sales to Police Departments and Military Satellite Support Services. 

  • Company’s Emergency Response Team Called in for Hurricane Laura.  

Cytta Corp (OTC:
CYCA) brings technology from the military to enterprise. The company’s proprietary SUPR Stream technology has been designed specifically for streaming and storing HD, 4K, and higher resolution video. Their IGAN (Incident Global Area Network) seamlessly streams all relevant video and audio during emergency situations, while allowing real time video and audio communication among all participating parties. This creates real-time interconnected situational awareness for police, firefighters, first responders, and their command centers. 

CYCA products work in size, weight, and power-constrained (SWaP) operating environments and evolved through use in the military, meeting the need to stream multiple HD, 4K and 4K+ video feeds with ultra-low latency, bandwidth, and power consumption and disseminate through a command center to multiple parties. CYCA is taking this streaming, storage, and transfer technology to enterprises that would like to stream and disseminate more high-quality videos with fewer resources. 

CYCA manufactures all of its products in the USA. Their team of specialists has been put together to productize and distribute this technology across multiple enterprise use cases. CYCA management is integrating this technology into operations that have the need to send and store more high-quality videos and images with fewer resources.

  • CYCA Retains US Based Manufacturer Specializing in Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

On September 14
th CYCA announced an agreement that will enable the company to achieve full scalability in its supply chain. CYCA finalized negotiations with a very well-respected US based manufacturer with the expertise, production capabilities and quality controls to enable CYCA to scale its IGAN Fusion and SUPR Stream production to meet rapidly growing demand.

Propelled by the success and customer satisfaction of our early SUPR and IGAN installations, CYCA is experiencing rapid growth in product demand. Rapid scalability in all aspects of ongoing operations is mission critical. Achieving scale in manufacturing and maintaining inventory will support this growth and shorten the sales cycle.

  • CYCA Emergency Response Team Deployed at the Request of Texas Public Safety Officials

In August
CYCA received an activation request from Texas Public Safety officials to assist during Hurricane Laura. CYCA was asked to be available to deploy their IGAN Fusion communication platform in conjunction with the other members of the North Texas Public Safety Unmanned Response Team (NTXPSURT) and all other first responders deploying to any local disaster area. 

The CYCA Technical Advisory Team consisting of First Responders, Military and other industry experts informally known as, “Cytta Force,” attended in Texas to support NXTPSURT’s efforts and manage the IGAN Fusion emergency communications network, which is designed to connect multiple police stations, fire departments, and first responders in any situation.

  • CYCA Live-Streams it’s Revolutionary Incident Command System, IGAN Fusion in ‘Operation Baywatch’ with LA Fire and LA Lifeguards

On August 20
th CYCA announced live-streaming an exercise utilizing its IGAN Fusion incident command systems paired with UAS systems. The exercise was conducted with the Los Angeles Fire Department, and the LA ‘Baywatch’ Lifeguards, and various first responder affiliates, on the beaches and in the ocean of California.

The use of UAS to deliver lifesaving assistance, while utilizing the CYCA IGAN Fusion to maintain real time Situational Awareness, interoperability, and secure and reliable communications, is critical in the success of these scenarios. The Los Angeles Fire Department, and the LA County Lifeguards, and other first responders in the area, want to provide faster response times with more accurate information. This requires video streaming capabilities and 2-way communication with first responders. The IGAN Fusion can bring all these data streams together and seamlessly provide life-saving information to first responders’ fingertips with ultra-low latency.

  • CYCA Sells Additional SUPR Stream Units to UK MOD Advanced Technology Research Group

On August 10
th CYCA announced sales for a new round of SUPR Stream units to the Electronic Warfare and Surveillance development group within the British Ministry of Defense (UK MOD). This group is tasked with evaluating and developing foundational technologies for future warfare capability. This marks the third round of SUPR Stream purchases in just the past year from the British Military and will create multiple additional integration opportunities.

The UK MOD are continuing to integrate their intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) systems with CYCA SUPR products. This exciting advancement in the relationship between CYCA and the British Military is based on successful results and demonstrated value of the SUPR technology leading to their desire to evaluate and create advanced capabilities.

  • Sale of Core Products to New Market Vertical – Providing Fortune 50 Utility Companies with Live-Streamed Inspections

On August 3
rd CYCA announced the sale of its real time video and audio streaming communications platform, the IGAN Fusion, to a commercial client for energy and powerline inspections with sUAS (small unmanned aircraft systems) and other systems.

This sale opens a substantial new market vertical as CYCA technology proves valuable for the inspection of all types of critical infrastructure. The energy and power management industry struggles with maintaining their infrastructure and providing adequate, regular inspections. With over 200,000 miles of power lines and 55,000 miles of pipeline in the United States, companies are struggling with the costs associated with driving to inspection sites and using expensive alternatives.

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